Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Two days work at the hotel this week, and another shift slated for Saturday afternoon for a few hours, so while I'm not really excited about it (mainly because I don't like the evening shifts) it will obviously help to pad my paycheque at the end of the month, allowing me a little more "play" with my funds.

I redid the budget for my jars yesterday and have shaved off over $100 a week, which gives me $500 per month for "everything" instead of $960 (I'm single. What on earth do I need almost $1000 a month for over and above my fixed amounts?). My charity jar took a pretty big hit, down to $20 a week from $45, but only because I already give part of my time to the Humane Society and right now, I can't afford to give as much money as I originally wanted to. I've also halved both my clothing amount and my "other" amounts mainly because I don't really buy clothes all that often and my "other" is generally for cat food, which is bought only twice a month.

I feel good about that, and also the fact that I went to get a new shirt today because I "need" one and ended up not buying anything because I just wasn't motivated to look for anything and didn't want to "break in" my new Visa card. That would have just been stupid, seeing how far I've come in such a short period of time. And quite honestly I'm sick of shopping at the same place all the time (honestly, my choices are Reitmans, Wal-Mart (evil) and Mark's Workwearhouse, so...), so I might just wait until I go south in October and I have far more choice.

One thing I'm anticipating later this year is a move closer to town. Anticipating, but trying not to focus too hard in case it doesn't happen. A co-worker is doing some work on her basement suite and I asked if she would keep me in mind when it's available. Yesterday I asked what she thought she would be charging for rent and nearly fell over when she told me: no more than $550. For everything! And she's not even sure it'll be "that high."

My fingers are tightly crossed because it's in a part of town that will allow me to walk to work, and not rely on my truck so much, which is what I want. It will also allow me to set aside a relatively large chunk to put towards a down payment on a house, and still have loads left over for emergency fund, RSP, savings, etc. There's someone else who's interested, but I figure if I keep asking how things are going, perhaps offer to help where I can, that might help, but I'm also firmly of the mind that if it's meant to happen it will. Think positively, think about it, but don't obsess.

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You are doing so well!!!