Sunday, 17 August 2008

August Plans

I made a list of what I want accomplish starting in August because there's a lot that I want to do and lists are good. Keeping myself on track and getting that great feeling of completion and fulfillment as each item is crossed off the list.

So far my list looks like this (in no particular order):

1) Menu planning
2) 5 no spend days
3) More focus on increasing emergency fund (even if only $50 a month)
4) Increase vet fund to $2500
5) Reading and learning about how to "green" a home, which is a 5 year goal
6) Downgrade my Internet connection, cancel cable & WoW account
7) Continue with Gail's jar system
8) Pick up a few extra hours at the hotel
9) Continue to read financial books/blogs for motivation & ideas
10) Do the dishes more frequently
11) Redo budget
12) Be more aware of what/how/why I eat
13) Focus more on water intake

August, however, is a bit specific, as there are a few things I need to do:

1) New clutch for the car - $800 (est. O-U-C-H) Appointment booked for August 19th; $$ from car account
2) Oil change Done August 16th
3) Plastic sheeting for windows Purchased 4 pkgs August 16th (and hoping it fits!)
4) Menu plan (have printed off some new menues for this)
5) Buy a proper file to keep bills organized Done August 16th
6) Re-write the final policy for the Humane Society & some of the success stories for the website
7) Figure out where my expense reimbursement will go (3 days work travel)

I was rather floored at the cost of a new clutch for my truck, I admit. I took her in to have the brakes looked at because they're squealing badly. It appears that they're just fine - dirt or dust is the cause of the noise - which is good news and which is what I thought, as was the fact there was no charge for the check (but as they're still noisy, did they clean them?).

I'm a little torn about getting the work done, as the truck is essentially worthless as a resale, however, I need a clutch. The part that floors me most is the fact that the parts come to a total of $287. It's the LABOUR that bumps the price up so much: almost $500 for approximately 4.5 hours.

I'm in the wrong job apparently!

My spending today is as follows (not as much as I figured):

Oil change - $15.62
Plastic sheeting for windows - $19.88
Water/Coke - $11.77
File folder & correction tape - $17.93
Book (Xmas present) - $3.31

Total: $68.51

Then I have to take some time over the next week to get my bills organized, the file system labelled and everything into its slot. No excuse to leave them on the microwave now!

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