Monday, 27 May 2019

May post!

Word of the month: Nourish

Well, it might as well be June, really, at this point. Phew! Today is the first full weekend day off I've had to post all month. It's our late May spring bank holiday and, boy!, do I feel like I need a full day to do not a lot.

The first weekend of May I was housesitting.

The following weekend I went to Wales with my cousin to visit our auntie and uncle, then cleaned for my friend at the AirBnB (I took the Friday & Monday off - and am glad I did!).

The next weekend I worked at the cafe on Saturday and cleaned the AirBnB.

Saturday, I met a couple of Canadian friends out near Gatwick Airport to spend a few hours catching up and wandering around the beautiful gardens of Nymans Gardens, a National Trust property. I hadn't seen them in 10 (!!) years, and am thrilled we were able to make a meeting happen. It was a 6.5 hr (return) train journey for me, but well worth it. They're here to bird watch, visit gardens and have a holiday, albeit it just for a week (this time). I met them when we all lived in Whitehorse. They've just recently moved to Nova Scotia from BC. It was a very long day (for all of us), but very, very worth it.

Yesterday I did my final clean at the AirBnB. The house is (actually, genuinely) sold now, and this is the last time I'll spend any time there. Quite sad, really, and our friend is genuinely depressed about leaving it. It's the best thing that could happen, though, as she's struggling to maintain it so this is the best outcome. She's going to spend a year in Norfolk, then make a decision where she wants to be. That times perfectly with our new lease (although that reverts to an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) - month to month - lease after 12 months) and my continued desire to live alone. Anyway, that's over a year away at this point, so there's no point speculating on what will happen in a year, although a year is both a very long and very short time away.

Today I am puttering. I've swept the garage so it's ready to take packed boxes from the flat, dropped Roomie E at work, and don't really intend to do much more, other than sitting down to do some writing. I haven't done any of note since the end of March (!), so I'm doing a bit of rewriting of bits that currently are too convenient/no longer make sense/etc. At least I've been getting some ideas popping up recently, and I think that's because the move is, for the most part, all sorted.


Carpet cleaners booked. Cleaner booked. Furniture bought from the current tenant at the new place (he offered when we were looking around! Ha ha!). We need a van yet, but Roomie E is going to take care of that over the next couple of days. We're not getting movers this time - we're going to do it ourselves. Cheaper but harder work. Anyway, wish us luck!

I've taken holidays from 13-24 June which covers the entire moving arc because I don't want to get too stressed about it. Also, because Roomie E gets only until 6pm on moving day (!!) to get as much done as she can, I think a lot of unpacking and set up will be up to me. So that's fine.

Tomorrow is my long, long overdue review at work (they were waiting on the Brexit results...and finally got tired of it), and I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it. I suppose I am, as I'm not really expecting anything dramatic or unexpected to come up. It's just nice to sit down and hear what they have to say, really. I think I'd know by now if I was doing a crummy job!

Brexit continues to wreak havoc - Thursday's EU elections decimated the Conservative and Labour Parties (no surprise). The Conservatives returned the worst results since, I think, 1894!! Nigel Farage - one of people behind the original Brexit movement - and his new Brexit Party, formed a scant 6 weeks ago, have raced to the top of the heap. He promises to deliver Brexit (as a No Deal option only, apparently), but I think he's dreaming. I would love nothing more than to see the smug, self-satisfied grin wiped off his face.

I'm not sure how this new EU parliament is going to go forward. France has gone slightly right-wing with Le Pen, although only by a percentage point or two and Macron remains President; Merkel slipped in again, followed by the Greens (hooray); and the Greens and Lib Dems made great strides here in the UK as well which is good news. It's almost a 50/50 pro/leave Brexit mix, however, in Brussels now. The next several years will be very interesting and possibly very unpleasant.

Mrs May resigned on Friday. 7 June is her last day as PM. I wish good luck to the incoming PM, whoever s/he might be. I'd also like to remind them of all the other issues that have been ignored/forgotten over the past 29 months and ask that they please focus their attention to those as well.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I felt so, so sorry for Theresa May, she was handed an impossible job in terrible circumstances and did the best she could. She wasn't strong enough for the job. Such a shame.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Gill - I completely agree. She lacked the support she needed for this, and I feel terrible for her. xx

T'Pol said...

It seems like you will be very busy packng, moving and unpacking. I am sure, it will be worth the effort to settle in your lovely new place. Good luck with the review!

JiCaLu said...

Good luck on the move and all it brings!! Cannot wait to hear how it went, and how your review at work went too :)

I feel bad for May, only in that the job was impossible!

Cheapchick said...

Ack, moving, such a dreadful time but - you have good roomies to help each other, I am sure you will all save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Make sure to have wine and chocolate (or whatever your guilty pleasure is) ready and findable for the end of the day.

Northern Living Allowance said...

T'Pol! Thank you! We are feeling pretty organised and just want to get it over with really, but we're lucky to have a garage at both ends, so that's helping with our organisation. And we haven't had our reviews yet... :( xx

JiCaLu - thank you! Much appreciated. Yes, Mrs May was in an awful position. I can imagine she feels much relief now - let someone else wear the Brexit mantle and good luck to them. The EU is implacable at this point and the UK just posturing and strutting if the new PM thinks he (because it will be a 'he' at this point) can do better. I'm looking forward to much egg on many faces. xx

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Cheapchick! Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. Yes, moving's a bit of a pain, but we're pretty on top of things and I've been getting rid of a few bits & pieces. More to go once we're moved in and see just how much space we DON'T have anymore! :P I'm planning on some fish & chips, actually, next Friday night. Good, greasy, hot and filling - perfect for a last night in the flat. xx