Saturday, 19 August 2017

Still looking for a new place

I'm certainly feeling better since my last post - which is good for everyone really! - although I am going to make a concerted effort to shift some of this weight. I might also just get rid of the scales, too, as they tell me I'm now at my heaviest ever: 78kg (12st or 168lbs). Up until I arrived here, I've consistently weighed 66kg and that's what I'm used to. Not to say that it's not where my natural weight is, but where I am now is uncomfortable, unhealthy, incredibly frustrating and entirely something I can control, so I need to control it.

To that end, I've done a massive (!) food order and will be jumping on the 'no sugar' bandwagon again this week. I did a great service to myself the first time I did this, so why I had such difficulty following through a couple more times I've no idea. Regardless, I realised yesterday that I quit smoking cold turkey 21 years ago, so it's like that the best way for me to quit sugar too. The only concession I'll be making is a small glass of orange juice in the morning for my iron supplement.

I plan to follow it to the letter otherwise, portion size and everything to see if I can shift some of this bloat, weight, brain fogginess, etc. being aware, however, that some of it is menopause-related and I can't change everything. I can moderate the symptoms, however, and being able to wear something other than only yoga pants would be most welcome.

In other news, the house/home hunt continues.

That's about the size of it, isn't it? Or what it feels like at least. I have decided to take one last opportunity to look at the flat in Fordingbridge, although I admit I can't really afford it. Currently, bare-bones living in the flat will leave me £23 in the hole each month, and that's at a minimum! I'll consider a (very) cheeky offer on the rent after seeing it and having a chat with the agent, but obviously, that's yet to be determined.

I've made a spreadsheet with expected/assumed costs on it and keep fiddling with the numbers. I've now got several options on it, including rooms that are up to 8 miles from Ringwood (meaning higher fuel costs).

The room I had hoped for has fallen through, sadly, but I am at the top of her list should anything change in the next six months or so. I had a lovely chat with the homeowner on Thursday evening and she's disappointed as well, but as it's her (severely handicapped) daughter moving back in from group home living, she feels she needs to concentrate all her energy on making sure her daughter is happy and in a good place.

Absolutely fine obviously! I'm not in danger of being kicked out although I know my cousin would like me gone sooner rather than later, but I need to be proactive in my search so she knows I'm serious and not just wanting the rental discount. The longer I'm here, however, the better. I'd like to have as much set aside for moving as I possibly can and then, once moved, I can use some of those saved funds to use as a springboard for saving towards a proper deposit/utility set up fees and also for debt repayment.

I sent queries about three possible rooms yesterday, one of which I've already had a response about. The landlord is just waiting for a deposit on it, which is a bit disappointing as it's quite lovely! I've not had a response about either of the others yet, although I know the messages have been received. It's hard not to get disheartened but as it's only been a day I don't suppose I can start giving up just yet! :P

I've also got some details about a part-time, home-based job for the women's group I belong to. It's a national group and they're looking for a Website and Publicity Coordinator, so you need to be quite au fait with, well, web stuff like Facebook, Twitter, etc. as well as being inclined to work to attract new members (i.e. marketing), etc. I'm more or less qualified so I thought I would give it a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained after all. I have until 8 September to apply so will mess about this weekend with my CV and polish it up a little.

Otherwise, the move to Ringwood is scheduled for 1 September and very little has been done at the office. I'm hoping the Office Manager, back from holidays on Monday, will get a schedule of some sort done so that we can tackle all this stuff head on. It's tricky while we still more or less need everything to keep the office going until that day. I have to get quite a bit of stuff filed away, packed into non-existent boxes, and we have SO. MUCH. JUNK. to get rid of. Boxes of computer bits & pieces everywhere - keyboards, mice, cords, towers...surely someone will collect and recycle/reuse that sort of thing? Someone always does.

Anyway, some good food, some internet home searches, perhaps starting my morning walks again, continuing with my room declutter and planning for a boot sale, getting the office organised and applying for that part-time job are all on my agenda and will hopefully make the next couple of weeks fly by.

I'll try to get some photos of the move (if anyone's interested), current and new digs. I'll be heading to the new offices on 3 September to do a bit of setting up, so I'll try to sneak a few photos in. 


Jane said...

Sorry the room didn't turn out; it sounded quite promising but family issues do arise sorry to say. As to weight I've gained and lost and regained the same 10lbs several times this year. I can take it off but I can't keep it off - so frustrating. I just try to keep as active as possible which is easier when you're retired. But I am so tired of weight going up and down and up again. I set a goal, reach it, then get all cocky with poor food choices once again and back the weight comes. Grrrrrr! That being said I'd better get out for my walk!

~Carla~ said...

I'm on the other end of the scale, this move has been stressful and I am not a stress eater at all, so I'm trying to "level" myself out and hopefully gain a few lbs! We don't have a scale here (probably a good thing as I'd just stress more) but my clothes are mighty loose. Ideally I'd like to gain 5-10lbs before Christmas! 10lbs would be amazing, but that'll be a feat in itself! LOL!!
I hope you find a suitable home for yourself sooner than later, I know the stress of that as well! Have a wonderful day! Xox

Hawaii Planner said...

I have struggled with 10 pounds for the last 2 years. I'm about 15 pounds from a weight that I really like, and I used to be able to lose a few pounds very quickly. I feel my age has really made that quite difficult. I'm doing a similar amount of working out & eat reasonably well, but no dice. I was definitely at my fittest when I was consistently running, but I find it hard to get into a regular rhythm with my schedule.

Wish you lots of luck, & will follow along on your journey!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jane! Yes, me too, but being at the top of her list if anything changes does help. I've now got a list of places to see on Saturday, which is quite exciting! :D As for the weight, I'm just frustrated that what I've managed to pile on is making me so sluggish and fatigued (along with being anaemic), I just simply don't feel like doing anything, which would help me shift it more easily. Anyway, I'll do this (modified) version and see how far that gets me in the next several weeks. Something is better than nothing, after all, so I imagine even a little will help and I'll feel better in no time. xx

Hi HP! Thank you for stopping by :) I've generally not had to worry about my weight (although as girls, don't we always anyway?), so this is just frustrating me. I agree that the age thing is a factor - just when I need to watch my weight, I have no energy to do anything about it! I've started my no sugar programme and just two days in I'm already feeling a bit better, so that does say something. I kept track of my meals for just over a week on the app 'Lose It' and was astounded to see that I ate over 350gm of sugar in ONE WEEK! No wonder I feel so wretched. Anyhow, well done you for persevering - I do think our bodies find a weight they naturally sit at and that's pretty much it. But best of luck to you as well! You always seem to achieve what you set out to do xx

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Carla! Sorry, I didn't see your comment until yesterday after I'd replied to the others. I understand about weight and stress - my job two years ago (the one outside London that I hated) had me down to about my lowest weight ever - close to 20lbs less than I currently am! Not healthy, so I know there's a happy medium there somewhere. I hope you can settle and find your routine again - I'm sure that'll help with your weight. I'm confident I'll find a place that I can feel happy in and that that will help me find the balance I need. Hope you can get yourself cosy in your new nest very soon! xx