Sunday, 7 May 2017

Update: week ending 6 May

It's going to be a quiet few days for me. I'm off work tomorrow and Tuesday, just taking some time to recover from a routine out-patient procedure I had done yesterday. It was under general anaesthetic so I'm feeling a bit delicate today as the anaesthesia works its way out of my system (approx 24 hours).

All went well. I arrived at 12:15 and was called in almost immediately. Paperwork in quadruplicate as each staff member had to come in and chat, check and sign paperwork and I was asked the same questions about 4 times. No getting around it, but it is time-consuming! At any rate, I didn't wait long to be prepped and taken to the OR.

I was having a lovely dream and then woke up to a nurse called Rachel greeting me at about 3:30. A few minutes in the recovery room, where the doctor came in and said some stuff to me (which he admitted I likely wouldn't remember) and off I went to the ward for a few hours. They loaded me up with water as I needed to pee 200ml before they would let me go. That seemed to take ages and ages, but finally, they got enough to release me and let me go with loads of pills - all of which I'm supposed to take 3-4 times a day, but I'm a bit confused with them, so will read the directions and see what I'm supposed to do with them. They're all for pain management, but so far have only taken an Ibuprofen last night. I imagine I'll need them a bit more as the anaesthetic wears off during the day.

The staff were great and the nurses really lovely. I will need a follow-up at some point, I think, and also need to make an appointment with my regular doctor anyway, so can drop the discharge information there when I do that. 

So I'm not venturing far, today at least, and fortunately have plenty of unread books at hand, as well as a few emails and letters to write. I feel I need to take advantage of a couple of days off and get caught up there.

I've started looking at flats and there are several that I really like but as I said previously, there doesn't seem much point looking for something I can't yet afford to do. If I'm feeling up to it on Tuesday, I may take myself into town and register at a couple of places to get started.

I had a brief chat with my boss on Thursday, however, and he said not to make any sudden move plans for the moment. The reason being that the MDs are thinking of moving the office closer to home (on the western edge of the Forest) so my plans on where to move might change. This wouldn't happen right away, obviously, but it does open up options for me, although Totton is where my ladies group is and I don't want to be TOO far from that. At any rate, we're having an office meeting in a couple of weeks so that the MDs can have a chat to us about it. I've been sworn to secrecy at this point, so will have to act surprised.

I did get a 6-month train pass, too, which makes more sense than an annual one at this point, seeing as neither I nor the office knows where we'll be come the new year. So that's handy, although a bit more expensive than an annual pass. Oh well, not complaining! I'm very lucky to be able to say 'I need a new train pass' and get one. Ha ha!

Otherwise, it's been a quiet week! I've set aside some cash for moving (£32 - woot!) and have about £25 more at the moment from various bits & pieces. Can take that to the bank this week and feel better about doing something. I've found a job ad for a tea shop in Lyndhurst that might be right up my alley, so am going to apply for that (weekend shop front staff). No guarantees, but it doesn't hurt to try. I don't have any experience in food service, but this is quite a nice shop and serves 99% tea, so might just be perfect.

Anyway, this was just a quick update. Hope you're all having a good weekend!


T'Pol said...

Hope you recover easily and without pain. It is a good idea to spot apartments that you like even before you are months away from moving. If you watch carefully, you can assess how long some apartments have been on the market. Gives you some leverage to negotiate the rent when it is time.

Jane said...

Oh a tea shop would be right up your there a bookshop nearby? It doesn't hurt to look around at places to rent - it'll give you an idea of the going rates and what you'll need as a deposit. Hope your recovery is an easy process and no follow up required.
I've been "sort of" glad of the recent rain we've had, though it did last too long. I've caught up on a lot of stuff, journals and so on, that I otherwise wouldn't have had the time for. Pros and cons...

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi T'Pol! Thank you - so far, so good, actually, but I have the meds on hand if needed. I'm hoping I don't need them as often as stated and have been sleeping very well, which is great. I think that's a big help.

I am always looking at/for places online, so am fairly confident about prices, etc. Unsure how negotiable rents are, but you never know! xx

Hi Jane! Wouldn't it? I can but try. I've thought about a bookstore, but nothing really close by unfortunately. Yes, I'm definitely always looking for places - I've got my estate agent windows open and continue to search. I have an idea of what I'll need on a monthly basis.

So far, so good for recovery. Had a terrific night's sleep last night and am feeling much clearer headed today. Haven't used any pain meds either (fingers crossed), but have them if I need them.

Rain is good that way, isn't it? You can get other stuff done :) xx