Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Moving news!

Well. This is exciting! Our staff meeting revealed that we are moving (which isn't a surprise to me - ha ha) and it will be to the western edge of the Forest, to a town called Ringwood.
Ringwood is a market town, much nicer and it edges into the Forest on its eastern side. It has all the amenities and conveniences you could want - except direct bus or train transport. You can see it here, and where it sits in relation to Southampton.
This is much nicer for me, as I had more or less decided that Totton (which is not indicated on the map, but is almost exactly halfway between Southampton and Ashurst, at the very eastern edge of the Forest and bumping up against Southampton Water). I don't much like Totton other than for its convenience, so this actually gives me a much wider net to cast as far as looking for available properties.
I've found a super one that I'd like to go and view - all inclusive, including being furnished, which is extremely rare. It's slightly more expensive than I'd like to pay, but during my review the words 'pay rise' were bandied about, but that will be hammered out at a further meeting in the summer, once we know for sure what our new premises will be and what they will incorporate.
This is the little flat - here. It's probably a 20 min drive from Ringwood (you can see Burley on the map, just a little south of Ringwood). But the further I dig, the more I find, so this is looking much better than my options for Totton. I've since found a tidy little one-bed, detached flat - a converted garage from the looks of things - for £500 a month! It's further north, towards Fordingbridge, but what a find!
So I'm feeling much more positive about things.
My colleague, though, is not as happy as I am as it means a much further commute for her, although there will be parking at the office and we were told that travel could be compensated - there's no point discussing it at the moment when we aren't sure exactly where we'll be and when we'll be there, although it's looking like the autumn at this point.
But it'll also mean a lot of hard work, packing up and moving stuff, so I'm sure there's going to be discussion about that as well.
Lunch is over! Back to work I go :D


T'Pol said...

That flat looks nice! I recognize the IKEA kitchen in there. So, when exactly is the move?

Jennifer said...

How exciting! That flat is too cute as well, so I am glad there are lots more reasonable options than before. All good things, all good things!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi T'Pol - Isn't it lovely? It comes furnished, too, which is a fantastic bonus. Nothing is actually for sure yet. If we move the office, it will be the autumn some time. I'll have to play it by ear for the time being, as we won't know anything for sure until mid-summer (June or July at this point). It doesn't hurt to start looking, however. Depending on what happens with the move at work, I will likely adjust my moving date with my cousin, so I could be out of there before my current January deadline. x

Hi Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by! :D Isn't it great? I spotted it ages ago (a couple of months ago, if not longer) and am pleased I'm not so limited. The town of Fordingbridge has some lovely period buildings as well, so I might even find something with loads of character, which would be fantastic. Hope all is well with you xx

Jane said...

That's very cute! And the furniture is nice too as I have a thing for wicker/rattan. Very "gardeny". I'm so glad you get to stay near the Forest!! Here's my request - get a place where you can have visitors :)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jane - way ahead of you! Already thinking 'sofa bed' regardless of where I end up :D

Dannie said...

Hi Northern living allowance, it has been some time! Thought i would reconnect with people i used to know back in the blogging world! Sounds like you've been busy!

I'm sure you will enjoy Ringwood, i think it has a lot more amenities and is great that it's bigger and obviously being closer to Southampton which has everything is great, but it's lovely to still be a part of the New Forest. I miss the New Forest.

I no longer live in Hampshire, in fact i no longer live in the UK, i moved to India at Christmas time and embarked on a whole new life....sometimes break ups can be the best thing to happen in life;-)

In case you are interested, here is my new blog detailing life out here with the monkeys and parrots and the extreme heat! http://the-wayforward.blogspot.in/

Take care and i'll pop by your blog more often:-)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi, Dannie! What a lovely surprise to hear from you. I wondered where you'd gone - India! How exciting and somehow very fitting for you (from what I know of you). I've got your new blog earmarked so will follow your new adventure.

I'm looking forward to the move (which may, apparently, be earlier than anticipated now). I don't particularly like Southampton, so a move away from it is no hardship as far as I'm concerned. Staying near the Forest is much more my speed. Take care and don't be a stranger xx