Sunday, 12 March 2017

Checking in, more or less mid-way through March - already!

What have I done so far? Lent's been a bit of a write-off, I have to say. All my best intentions to have a good clear out have resulted in exactly two drawers of toiletries being taken out of my dresser and put into a bathroom cupboard, where they really belong. It's something, I suppose. :)

I've cleared out a few books, although still have too many if I'm honest. I'll work on that. Perhaps I should read the ones I have first before recycling them? 

I'm going to be in London next weekend for a couple of nights. My sister, who's gone back to housesitting, has been given the use of a two-bedroom flat on the south bank, about a half hour walk from Waterloo station. She'll be staying about five days.We have a friend and one of her daughters coming from Canada for a visit for a few days, so we're all going to be bunking at this flat. It's close to everything and gives us a nice, central base. London is most definitely a walking city, and there's plenty to see in the immediate vicinity, as well as slightly further afield. I have some free train passes to use up before May as well, so am quite looking forward to it.

I've been doing yoga regularly once a week, which is great. I'm enjoying it and I think it's actually doing me a lot of good - I feel less achy and I'm certainly more flexible than I thought I would be. I had a two-hour class last Saturday which was brilliant, but it was the same day as my writing group so I had to miss ANOTHER one of those! I honestly didn't do it on purpose, although once having spoken with a couple of the ladies, I do remember having to reschedule because someone wasn't able to make it. Nuts.

Had a decent appointment with my doctor although she did look a bit startled when I mentioned I had a whole list to go through! Ha ha! I started with my most concerning issue at the moment which is the fact that I'm having trouble with my breathing, the same as last year. It's not quite as bad as last year - yet - but I've had to change my route to work from the train station to avoid the worst of the hills because it simply takes me too long to recover if I walk up one. ANY exertion leaves me gasping.

She sent me for a blood test and it turns out that I'm quite anaemic - again! I don't know what the numbers mean, but I think it's related to haemoglobin in the blood and mine is down at 84. I think it needs to be somewhere up near 130. Anyway, the results were back the next day (!!) and I have a prescription for ferrous fumarate, 210mg 3 x a day for a month. We'll go from there. It's almost as much as last year (I started with 400 mg a day), but at least I know it's actually a thing, and I'm not just thinking it's me.

I've made a double appointment for the 29th, to see if I can get another couple of items checked off my list. The bloating (which I've had for two full years now) and possibly my thyroid will be my next issues to tackle.

I'm hoping that with the iron supplements, my compulsion for raw coconut chips disappears as well. I've eaten my way through 4kg since late January - I no longer fit into my work trousers so am having to wear yoga pants! Coconut is good, I love it, but that's excessive any way you look at it.

Off to see the movie 'Girl on a Train' tomorrow night, which I'm looking forward to. I've got the book but haven't yet read it and have only a vague idea of what to expect.

And only two weeks until my birthday! 50...gosh. I'm a bit overwhelmed but have some good things planned this year, so am looking forward to it. Off to York for a weekend with my cousin at the end of the month for my birthday and very much looking forward to that.

Nottingham (to be confirmed) at the beginning of May, a Wales self-catering weekend with my sister and all my cousins at the end of May, Lincoln in June, and Scotland and the Lake District in September. I've provisionally booked a place in Westport, Ireland, at Christmas although unsure if that'll happen, as I don't know what my cousin is going to be doing. Regardless, if she's not going to be around, I'll book a couple of days at a little hideaway closer to home, that's all.

That's about it, really. Wanting to manifest £250 to register for my online anatomy course, so if anyone knows a really good manifesting statement to help with that, I'd appreciate it! :D


Jane said...

Westport? Not Leenane? Though I suppose there's more to do in Westport. That would be wonderful! I haven't done well with the decluttering either, just have a few clothes in a garbage bag so far. When I look around my house it's not too bad as I had a huge clear out last year in the form of two yard sales. What didn't sell, I donated. I'm pretty sure though that I can fill up the rest of that garbage bag with more clothes. Low iron again eh? That would definitely drain your energy. I wonder what you could nibble on instead of coconut that would contain iron? Nuts? Seeds? I looked up items high in iron when Kazi's was low and made a glass jar full of sesame seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, a variety of nuts, some coconut, raisins and cranberries. We sprinkle a teaspoon (or two) on our oatmeal everyday. Seems to help. And tastes yummy.

Northern Living Allowance said...

You know what? I didn't really think of Leenane - it's a bit longer & trickier to get to. We only had the afternoon in Westport and I'd like to explore more there. I hope it happens but as I say, it depends what my cousin's up to for Christmas. I may have to cat sit again. :D I don't really have enough stuff to sell, so it's donations for me. I need to divvy up my room and do one bit at a time. I like your oatmeal suggestion, too. Sounds delicious (apart from the raisins). I have most of that stuff, too, so it wouldn't be hard to add it to oatmeal or something. x