Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Alllllllllll week...and into next, I believe.
It's a bit warmer at least, although so much rain is going to be not only depressing but is going to create all kinds of road and flooding issues.
"Into every life a little rain must fall". Sure, but there must be limits?
I've temporarily deactivated my FB account because I am in despair at what is happening in the US at the moment. I need to take a break and because I get most of my news ("news"?) through FB, it was the most direct way to cut off the majority of that. Here, there were thousands who protested the PM's Royal invitation to the President. There are over 1.5 million who have signed a petition asking her to revoke the invitation. I'd like to see her set a precedent, honestly, and damn the 'special relationship'. This has put the Palace in a rather unusual position and I'm waiting to see what they decide. Protocol, professionalism and position come into play here, but I for one would really like to see the Palace overturn the invitation.
The Daily Mail (at the bottom of the "quality journalism and readership" ladder) screamed a headline this morning that '99% of Daily Mail readers agree with Trump's migrant stance.' This is misleading because Trump's stance is against IMMIGRANTS, not migrants. As for the 99% of Daily Mail readership, well...
The almost-daily executive orders (which were apparently wholly illegal and unconstitutional during Obama's tenure?) are making my head hurt.
So I've stepped away from it. I don't know for how long. I'm choosing to stick my head in the sand (his firing of the US Attorney General this morning actually made me gasp in horror).
And then some kid shoots 6 Muslim men in Quebec. At least the PM is calling it what it is, a terrorist attack. That's cold comfort, but I give him a lot of credit for saying it.


its me, sam said...

I was heart broken over what happened in Quebec city... I can't believe the craziness in the US. I'm still on FB but choose to look at the happy things. LOL

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Sam! It was awful, but the outpouring of compassion and support to the Muslim community there has been wonderful. I just don't understand, I suppose, why so many Americans voted against their best interests, needed change or not.

I need to find a 'happiness only' FB feed... :D

Hope you are doing okay out there and it's a bit warmer xx

Jane said...

The thought of the Queen having to be gracious with Donald Trump sickens me! I guess it's being debated or "discussed" near the end of Feb. We had another march in London yesterday and all across Canada - I find it helps me deal with it all if I can get out with my sign and scream for awhile with like-minded people. Then I can forget about it all for awhile when I'm back at home. We went through a rainy season here for a couple weeks but now it's a bit colder and having a wee bit of snow. A very wee bit.

Gill - That British Woman said...

The world is full of sad and odd news at the moment. If you get the job at Cadbury's, can I come to work with you one day and be your helper.........LOL (wink wink!)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jane: I know, right? I think it's too much to hope for that they'd actually withdraw the invitation or the opportunity to speak to Parliament. I suppose Superfans Farage and May will find a way, though. I hope the MPs who've said they won't turn up, don't. That would be great.

Hi Gill! I'll send you the "bad" choc. ;) x