Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 1 - prepping for the week :O

I guess that's the seasonal baby I bought yesterday. ;)

I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed as I'm not drawn to cooking (although I sure can EAT - just ask Jane). But the recipes for this programme are straightforward and simple, which is great and I suppose the prepping and organisation is 50% of it. That way 30-minute meals actually do take 30 mins instead of the (seemingly) hours-long process they can turn into. 

I'm counting today as the official Day One. We got our week's info and details on Thursday, but really the only thing we had to do prior to today was shop, so I haven't done anything differently.

Today we're doing a little prep work for the week: quinoa, a mince and a squash & sweet potato puree. I've done the quinoa and am just trying to motivate myself to move onto the next ones - the mince and baking (before pureeing) the veggies.

One of the ladies in the UK Crew has set up an FB group for us and it's neat to see so many people (I think there are two men) from all over the world joining the main forums: Canada, USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria are represented, among others. Everyone seems excited, trepedatious and motivated for their own reasons (most of them health-related) to do this. There are also nutritionists, personal trainers and yoga instructors, doctors, naturopaths, dietiticians, etc. on board to help us, as well as the experienced IQS-ers and the Ambassadors, who are there to advise, guide and support.

I'm not really sure how I'm feeling (apart from a little overwhelmed by all things kitchen, as I said above). I suppose a bit uncertain what to expect with regard to withdrawal symptoms (headaches, irritability, fatigue...) and how bad they can be. It depends on your addiction, so I'm anticipating I'm going to be a "bit" wretched to live with over the next coulple of weeks.

I'm also unsure what to do about tea. I can still have it, just not with sugar. If there's anything I'm addicted to more than sugar, it's tea. It's my Everything. We are still allowed to have it, just not with sugar obviously, which is the problem. I do, however, have a delicious herbal tea that will probably work as a replacement because, quite frankly, if I can't have sugar in my tea, I might as well give it up because I can't drink it without (right now, at least). So. Now I'm adding caffeine withdrawal to the programme.

Might as well kick it all at once, right?

I'm getting another parcel today (got two books yesterday). I am on target with my 'monthly treat' budgeted amount, so this particular purchase came out of my 'misc' budget - which was exceptionally high this month, as I put half the deposit on the holiday bungalow for my mum. Regardless, I have £17.07 left in this amount and that's it for me this month. So what did I buy?

A spiralizer!

I know. I'm weak. But look! "Courgetti"!! So weak...

It arrives today!! :)

I'd best get prepping or I'm going to regret it for the rest of the week!


its me, sam said...

Lots of my friends have bought that gadget lately... they all love it! I've seen one for less than twenty and maybe I'll be inspired to pick it up the next time I see it! Good luck, you will do great!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Sam - it's the Thing right now, isn't it? My co-worker got one last week and says it work great. She loves it. I don't much like zucchini so thought perhaps if it's spiralized it might taste different/better...? Ha ha! And thank you! x

Jane said...

LOL! Does this mean no cake while we're hiking?

I think my spiralizer was in the $20-$30 range - it's exactly like the one in the photo. Pretty cool gadget and we use zucchini as a substitute for spaghetti noodles. I wouldn't say the zucchini tastes any better except for the wonderful sauce I make out of cashews! (got the recipe from a vegan workshop I attended a couple years ago.) So mixed together you can almost believe you're eating fettucini with alfredo sauce. Almost. Hope your withdrawal isn't too bad - prepare to have a headache.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Ha ha, Jane! You're funny - no cake. NO! It doesn't mean that at all, it just means that I have to mind how MUCH of it I eat :)

My spiralizer arrived yesterday (!!), so I got to use it for today's lunch - wheee! (It's the little things, right?) It cost me £19.99, so am quite pleased. I'm not a fan of zucchini, but I'm hoping the mince that I made to go with it is going to help with the flavour.

I've had caffeine withdrawal headaches before, but I'm really hoping it's not going to be TOO horrific. Next week is the killer week - we can still have sugar this week, but need to start cutting back. I'm still unsure if I'll go with sugarless tea or just cut it out all together and stick with herbal tea. Anyway...Thanks! I hope withdrawal isn't too bad, either! xx

The Asian Pear said...

That's a cool gadget. I made zoodles by hand with a knife. NOT FUN! Took me forever.

The Asian Pear said...

Can you have tea that are naturally sweet? Like Rooibos and Chai sometimes have natural sweetness to them? Or perhaps start drinking green tea? Good luck!!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Pear - yes, I love it (even though I've only used it once). So easy and quick and less mess (and safer) than a knife. I think they're around $20 for a mid-range one. I got mine on Amazon for £19.99.

And yes, I can have tea as long as it's not fruit tea. Green tea, licorice, that sort of thing works really well. I have a lovely herbal tea, but I think it may be verboten as it has orange peel in i - I'll have to double check. It's the only herbal tea I like, though, as it has such a lovely rich flavour. Anyhow, I'll figure something out! xx