Saturday, 14 November 2015

Penser de la France en ce moment

I woke up to the news that France, Paris specifically, has once again been the target of a senseless, hateful attack, less than a year after Charlie Hebdo.

I'm beginning to think that part of the plan of Isil, or whoever is behind this (no one's yet claimed responsibility) is that of wedge politics. Only they're using their own twisted version of religion to get the non-Islamic world worked up about and hating and being paranoid of Islam and Muslims and then when we retaliate - as we will, of course, because 'an eye for an eye' and all that - they use that as reasons for THEIR reasons to do something like this. Again.

But this isn't the time or place to soap-box about religion or politics (or the one that's on the tip of my tongue about Syria), but to just spare a moment or two of thought for those who died and those who are fighting to live in a locked-down, terrified city, while those who can do what they can, and the politians spout platitudes and promises because they really have no idea what to do.

Be safe, France. The world is behind you.


Canadian Saver said...

I LOVE Paris, was there for the 6th time just this September. It is absolutely horrible what happened, have been glued to the tv ever since. My cousin lives there and he checked in safe, and said he'd be home all weekend. It's absolutely terrible :(

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi CS - So glad to hear your cousin is safe! I haven't been to Paris for years, but I'm trying to reason why the city has suddenly become a target for this sort of thing. I can't quite get my head around it x

Jane said...

I am ashamed to say this but a mosque was the target of arson in Peterborough over the weekend. Unfortunately the actions of a few means that millions of muslims will once again be viewed with suspicion. I hate how this senseless violence turns people into vigilantes. We don't have the right to retaliate against muslims in general. I hope this doesn't spiral out of control. On the other hand I hope they find and arrest/kill all of those who tried to bring a nation down on Friday. I have no pity for them.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jane! See, this is what I was getting at in my post - the few making life more and more difficult for the many. Some idealistic fundamentalists, who have essentially perverted this religion for their own reasons, are now making it even MORE difficult for those who follow Islam peacefully. Much like the fundamentalists do for Christianity really. Or any religion.

The headlines here are a bit scary, if I'm honest, although I'm trying not to get caught up in it (trying to stay moderate, as we know what the media is like, after all). My mother has said we're (my sister and me, although more my sister) not allowed to go to the Continent anymore, although that's unrealistic, even though I have no plans to travel.

I agree with you and I hope those responsible are killed and some important communication/people wipe out, although I think the French have taken the wrong approach - it's what Isil want, this attack (the automatic REaction, 'eye for an eye' response). The Syrian people are once again in the firing line. I don't think the West is making the right choice by continuing these bombing campaigns because they just don't seem to work, but I honestly don't know what the alternative is.