Saturday, 21 November 2015

Building credit

I got a credit card today. It's been set up and is ready to go with a stupid interest rate and a low balance (£500).

My cousin asked me if that was actually a good idea (seeing as I'm currently borrowing from Peter to pay Paul), but I'm determined to start building credit here and do things RIGHT this time. 

It shall be gas and groceries ONLY.

I'm still debating a part-time job and wanted to apply for one this weekend but left my USB stick at work. It has all my bits and pieces on it, including my Nanowriomo work! So I'm left without much to do today, although I could write some emails and am Skyping with a friend later.

Having one of those days where I started out well and relatively productively (returned boots, updated budget spreadsheet, did laundry and dishes, making a 'to do' list of what I want/need to do on my day off on December 4, and posted on the blog), but can't progress much as what I wanted to do I can't. Then I get bored and frustrated.

I think while I'm watching TV tonight, I shall make a concerted effort to go through my I Quit Sugar books and figure out what I need for the first couple of weeks, then visit Amazon to see what I add to my grocery necessities list. Some of the recipes look fantastic, but as I don't enjoy cooking, I hope they're quick and straightforward. I KNOW this will be good for me (even though I'm already getting the 'but your body NEEDS sugar' talk - sure it does, simply not in the concentrated amount that I feed it daily. A break will not hurt. At all.).

Strictly Come Dancing tonight is in Blackpool, kind of the pinnacle of the show as we're now halfway through it and Blackpool is THE dance mecca of the UK. I'm still unclear why, but the theatre is gorgeous. A good bunch of celebs this year, too, and it's hard to say who's going to win.

I'm meeting my friend for a leisurely coffee tomorrow which will be great. I haven't seen her since August and I'm really looking forward to getting caught up. She went on a date last night, so am keen to hear all about that! :)

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