Sunday, 16 August 2015

Update and countdown

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5 weeks today, Jane and I will be setting out on our walk! 135 miles from Newcastle to Bowness-on-Solway along Hadrian's Wall. As beautiful as this is, I'd like to hope that if we see any clouds like this, that we'll be relatively close to our evening's B&B.

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And I'm anticipating it will be like the first photo, i.e., empty wilderness (more or less - England is very crowded...). I'm telling you now, Jane, that if we run into something like the above, I might just turn around and head home...

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euntes autem puellae! (*you go, girls!)
With the Roman legion behind us, surely we've got this?

We were having a bit of a chat last night, Jane and I, and have arranged to meet in Manchester and travel on to Newcastle together. It's going to be a long day for both of us. I've booked myself a train to Manchester from Southampton leaving at 7:15, but it's a direct service, and will only take just over 4 hours. I want to avoid changing in London. I hate fussing with the underground, particularly when I've got luggage to contend with too. Jane will be arriving into Manchester after a long-haul from Ontario. Phew!

I went out last weekend with my sister and bought a few necessecities and it was lucky I had her with me because she limited me on my spending. As I'm currently using my Canadian credit card, everything is costing me a fortune, so it's good to have someone with you who can cut you off when necessary. I bought a waterproof jacket and pants, hiking pants, two pairs of socks and a microfleece which will be beautifully warm. I'm going to ask her to come over a few of days before I go too, to help me pack and organise.

Otherwise, things are going well. I started my job two weeks ago and so far, so good. It's not particularly challenging, but I don't hate it (so far), like I did the other one. It's a very small company - less than a dozen employees - but well run and far, far less chaotic than the last one. It's a job I can walk away from at the end of the day and simply forget about and there's a lot to be said for that. I've got my train pass, the morning coffee shop crew said they'd missed me and even remembered what I drink (I've been gone 9 months, so their collective memory is pretty fantastic), and it's an easy walk from the station, so it's a pleasant enough commute. I know it's only been two weeks, but why do I feel like this is temporary?

Anyway, it's been going well enough so far.

I spent yesterday clearing, cleaning and tidying my room and it feels SO much better. I still had stuff hanging around in bags and containers from when I moved back from London several weeks ago and it was beyond time that I got myself sorted out. Almost everything now has a place. There's still some stuff to be sorted and/or organized, but it's looking and feeling a hundred times better. I lit a little bowl of incence too, and that's helped renergise the space.

I feel a book (or 5) bursting to come out but I can't seem to find words to put on a page. I know it will come and certainly being back in the Forest is the right place to be. It's wonderful to be back here - Sunday morning sounds are so peaceful: birds, horses' hooves, the odd bawling cow or pony in the distance. I was up and at it by 7:00 this morning. By 9:00 I was feeling restless, so was happy when my sister said "Let's go for cake!" I drove down to the village where she's staying and we spent a few hours hanging out. It's great to have her so close by.

It's a beautiful Sunday evening here and I feel relaxed and calm and content (and still a bit restless, but I'm okay with that). It's nice to feel like this again after having such a hard time in London. Amazing what coming back to where you belong can do for you.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


T'Pol said...

Wow 135 miles! How long is it going to take you? I can feel your excitement.

its me, sam said...

I'm so happy that you two are reconnecting again this year1 Have a blast.... I'm sue there will be lots of pictures!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi T'Pol! Yes, I'm a bit nervous as I'm going in without any practice. Do or die, apparently :P It will (is supposed to) take us a week. We finish in Bowness on the 27th of September and will be heading out of Carlisle on the 29th. I'm really looking forward to it! xx

Hi Sam! Me too. I'm really excited to see Jane again and this walk is going to be seriously amazing. I really need it - I can feel it in every part of me. :)xx

Jane said...

It BETTER NOT be as busy as that one picture shows lol! We'll be taking a detour if it is lol! The height of the tourist season should be over when we're on the trail; at least that's the hope. Last year I encountered a few people but most were local. I'm glad you've got rain gear; last year I carried rain gear in my back pack every day and never had to use it - but I'm sure if I didn't carry it I would need it! I'm hoping I bring good weather with me once again:)

The Asian Pear said...

Wow. The walk sounds fantastic! I'm jealous. My manager recently walked a portion of the Camino Walk in Spain. It sounds great.

Anna of the Mutton Years said...

I hope you have the footwear organised. The feet are the weak point. At least the weather is temperate at the moment. Looking forward to your updates along the way. Btw I find the north far less crowded than down here. I'm struck by it every time I venture further up than London. Also enjoy the food. Lots of interesting different things to eat along the way i imagine.