Monday, 30 December 2013

2014 Goals

New Forest pony grazing in the lovely village of Brockenhurst.

I'm tinkering with the blog a bit. Overall, I like the template and won't be changing it - at least for now - and I like my name, so have just added a sub-title to it for the time being. This is today, however, and come January 1, I may have a change of heart and start completely fresh.

I've also added some tickers (---->) to track my goals this year. Generally speaking they are:

1) Lose 10kg. I don't actually weigh as much as I thought, but even this much will give me a healthier feeling, so I think it's a perfectly reasonable, achievable goal.

2) Write 100,000 words: a novel. I've had ideas for a mystery series popping out at me since I arrived here, and I want to challenge myself to sit down and write the first one. The word count works out to 8,333 per month, or approx 278 words per day. Again, reasonable and achievable.

3) Pay off my debt at last. With Pounds Sterling currently at $1.77 Cdn, it's a much better opportunity to get more for less, which is why the numbers show in both Cdn and Sterling. My goal is the entire amount, however, I will be exceedingly happy with $10,000 (£5665). My wage here is on the low side, but so are my expenses, so with - hopefully! - a decent Canadian tax return, I should be able to achieve this.

I need to set out some specifics/categories, as well as a budget, which I will post on January 1. 

I've had a cold since I was in London last week and although today it feels marginally better, it's sapping all my energy. It fortunately hasn't morphed into anything nasty, but it's annoying and I know it'll hang on for much longer, never quite willing to relinquish its foothold. My headcolds always do. :P Work starts again on Thursday, so I'm hoping the worst of it is gone by then.


Jane and Chris said...

I really can't believe you are there!
Jane x

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jane: me neither, actually! I keep looking out the window and telling myself, "This is England!!" It's still quite surreal...and very crowded (delicate cough).