Monday, 4 June 2012

Small update

  • I'm getting a roommate! It all happened in about an hour on FB yesterday morning and she'll be moving in early next week. She's a friend of a friend and is having some bad luck right now, so this will help her out until she can move into her new place (Aug 1). It's not all together altruistic, as she'll be paying half the costs ($450), which helps me enormously too, but it's also a good test to see if this is something I could do while I'm at school (thinking ESL student).
  • I'm getting a double bed from a friend and her bf for $50. This is what prompted me saying I could probably take a roommate, so perhaps it's all just meant to be! :)
  • I used my LOC to pay off my VISA, so it's currently at $0!! I then transferred $3500k from my school account (the excess after tuition) to pay off the LOC, but I'm having second thoughts about that now. Perhaps just MOST of it, and leave an extra $1k in the school account. Or use the extra $1k to plump up needed savings (vet, car, EFund). Argh!
  • This is why I have trouble making decisions...there are so many options! :P
  • I like to think I'm no longer in debt, but I still have to pay back my RRSP loan, plus anything that gets used from the LOC over the next year. But I've managed to clear the higher interest stuff at least (CC's). Phew! Now to keep it that way.
  • I register for school in about 45 mins!!!!
  • It's raining and cool here today. Glad I went for a bike ride yesterday (12k).

Have a good day everyone!!

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Karen E said...

I had the same qualms about paying off my Jeep, but in the end, I'm beyond happy to have it paid off even if it does leave my savings account pretty light. Better to not be paying interest. =)