Friday, 18 May 2012

T minus 8 hours...

...until my friend arrives! I've been awake since 6am - haven't been sleeping well the past week or so, but not quite sure why. It could be the 20 hours of daylight we currently have, although I've done what I can to minimize that. It's no trouble falling asleep, it's staying asleep that I'm having difficulties with. Waking up at 2:30 or 3:30 or 4:30. It's just frustrating because it means I'm yawning and ready for bed by late afternoon!

I took Dinah to the vet this morning for an insulin curve. She's diabetic and her blood sugar levels need testing occasionally, like a human's would, to make sure the glucose levels are where they should be. She's been lethargic the past several days, hasn't been eating properly - and has been eating the boys' food instead of her own - and just hasn't been herself. They'll test her blood sugar every hour and let me know if she needs an insulin adjustment. Right now her shot is one unit, twice a day. I'm sure she'll be fine, but I just want to make sure.

Apart from that, I'm feeling a bit restless and anxious and have been puttering around the place half-heartedly doing...things. I'm just SO EXCITED about my friend arriving tonight, I can't really focus and concentrate!! I used my new steam mop to clean the floors, did the dishes, and vacuumed the second bedroom. I've done one load of laundry and when Bylaw decides he's had enough snoozing under the duvet, I'm going to do a second load. I've got to clean out the fridge of perishables and put them in the compost and I've been collecting bits & pieces of recycling and trying to organize it. Tomorrow I've got loose plans to take her to visit the SS Klondike  on its opening day and then run a couple of errands, including groceries. I know! I sure know how to show my visitors a good time...

This week's spending looks like this:

Monday, May 14
Cat food (x 6 tins): $22.05
Canadian Tire: cat litter (4x15 kg @ 7.99 ea) & Shark steam mop, on sale $99.99: $138.55
Dropped my recycling off as well.

Tues, May 15
Groceries: $17.82
- sourdough: $3.49
- poppy seeds (for baking): $4.88
- lemon yogurt: $6.79
- bananas (.870kg @ $3.06 kg): $2.66

Wed, May 16
Gas: $80.55
Groceries: $17.56
- 2 x box mac & cheese: $3.49 ea
- 2 x bags frozen potato wedges: $4.49 ea
Tim Horton's (tea & bagel): $3.85

Thurs, May 17
Oil change: $75.06 (advised to go by the kms (5k) rather than the date, as the oil was still very, very clean). I can now check this off my 'to do' list!
Groceries: $6.65
- milk: 2L $3.99
- oat bran: $2.66 (for baking)

I spend altogether far too much money on food and I waste far too much to justify spending so much on it. This is something I have to start paying serious attention to, as I want to try to keep my grocery spending to $60 p/wk once I start school, and use the extra $40 for gas (from my $100 weekly training allowance).

I'm looking at my sidebars and my remaining debt ($4600) and my wheels are whirring. Jane posted last week about emptying her savings accounts to pay off her debt and while, at this point at least, I'm not entirely comfortable with doing that, I AM thinking of an option that will considerably lower my debt while plumping up a couple of savings accounts at the same time. I'm less than $200 from my EFund goal of $1k and I'd like to cut the $30 auto-deposit sooner rather than later, so will make some adjustments that will make me happier.

We're supposed to finally get double digits as of Sunday, so welcome spring! At last! Have a great long weekend everyone!


Jane and Chris said...

Our little girl Sydney has just been diagnosed. She is on 5 units twice a day. Luckily we are able to do her blood glucose levels ourselves...she hates it, and so do we !!
Jane x

Northern Living Allowance said...

Jane - 5 units! Wow, that's a lot! Poor Sydney. I need get a monitor so I can do it myself. I know we'll hate it, but it's less stressful than taking her to the vet and spending all day there. I think in the long run it'll be cheaper as well.

Karen E said...

Your friend should be there now and I hope you're having tons of fun! =) I remember the looooong days of summer. I had a neighbor wake up at 2a and think she was late for work. Thankfully, a couple other neighbors were out and stopped her from biking across town for her job that started at 2p! lol

saving for travel said...

Just caught up with your recent posts.

Have an amazing time with your friend.

Sft x

Jane said...

You sound so happy! I love it when people visit - I'm hoping to have some visitors in the summer when I'm in PEI.
Since I emptied out my savings accounts I have really felt like I'm living on the edge knowing I don't have much of a cushion but each month it will get easier as I rebuild my savings. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone.