Friday, 24 February 2012

Final February Friday followup

Well, it's essentially the last week of Carla's February Challenge. I'm not overly proud of how I've done (or, rather, not done), but I have succeeded to a point. I'm happy with anything being done this month, quite frankly, seeing as almost two weeks were spent hosting a visitor.

I got my letter from the college today, letting me know that my application won't be complete until they have proof I can do Grade 10 math. Instead of making a total ass of myself (isn't this where algebra and fractions originated?) and sitting down to try and do something I don't remember doing 30 years ago, I've got a call into my high school for a transcript. I already called the college where I did my carpentry program, but they only have on file that I did the trades math route (shorter and differently focused than the regular Grade 11 stream) and my Grade 12 English, so there's no point asking for a transcript for that. I had to go back and upgrade the math portion before I got accepted into the carpentry program, anyway. Math and I were never friends. Still aren't, actually. But isn't that why god invented calculators? ;)

I'm a little disappointed, but will do what I need to do because I'm determined to get into this program and start as soon as I can. All the courses I want to take appear to be full, so I'm thinking I might lean towards the medical ones as there are spaces available in those. It seems that all I need to ensure is that I have the prerequisites for each one and I can (sort of) take the Office Administration and the Medical stream concurrently. Not certain how efficient that will be, but if it keeps me moving ahead instead of frustrated and stuck in one place, it's a good option.

My week this week, thanks to being at home with a bad back, has been pretty good with respect to no spend days.

Feb 20: Dentist - $242 (will be fully reimbursed, so kind of a no spend day)

Feb 21: no-spend!

Feb 22: no-spend!

Feb 23: Diabetic cat food (dry & tins) $56.32

Feb 24: Groceries $166.15, gas $70.06

I was up and out of the house by 7:30 this morning to go to grocery shopping. I went to Superstore because I knew there wouldn't be a lot of people there at this time in the morning. It was still more crowded than I anticipated, but I was in and out within about 45 mins, so that's pretty good. I did take a list but I'm worse than shopping with kids or a husband, I bet. All kinds of things jumped into my basket, although I'm pleased to say that I DID put several back after thinking about them. This is what I bought (keep in mind, Superstore is the cheapest place in town to shop):

Minced garlic: $6.49 (1 kg container)
PC Butter Chicken sauce: $5.27
PC Pasta Sauce: $3.69
PC Organic Fusilli (rice): (2 @ $2.99 ea) $5.98
Unsweetened almond milk x 4: $9.08 ($2.27 ea, 965 mL)
NN FT 6x136: $5.27 (for the life of me, I can't remember what this is! I just went back to check my shelves & fridge...anyone?? No name something...argh...)

Yves Ground Round x 4: $15.88 ($3.97 ea <-- great price so I stocked up a bit!)
Garlic Hummous: $5.59
Soya Mozzarella x 2:$ 9.56 ($4.78 ea <--also a very good price)

Salmon: $16.63
Salmon fillet: $8.36
(I love salmon and these two pieces will give me over a week's worth of meals)

Chicken breast (8 pieces, family pack): $27.35 <-- a reasonable price, considering this will give me up to 8 meals.
Italian sausages: $4.49

Fuji apples: $6.45 (1.475  kg @ $4.37/kg)
Broccoli: $2.48
Carrots: $2.24 (0.600 kg @ $3.73/kg)
Cucumbers: $3.76 (2 @ $1.88 ea - anyone else notice the English ones are getting scrawny?
Green onion: .89
Navel oranges (lg): $2.05 (1.190 kg @ $1.72/kg, or .78/lb)
Green pepper: $1.46 (0.335 kg @ $4.37/kg) that's one pepper
White potatoes: $4.86 (1.490 kg @ $3.26/kg) I bought a bag of larger ones, as the prebagged ones - the baby whites - were kind of soft and not very appealing.
Red peppers: $4.47 (0.510 kg @ $8.77/kg) three! That's an amazing price for red peppers, considering I've spent that much on ONE before.
Romaine hearts (3 in a bag): $3.48
Sweet potatoes x 3: $7.19 (2.350 kg @ $3.06/kg)
FM CRT MN 2LB: $3.88 - another mystery item! :P

The produce selection wasn't great, so I think we were between trucks - deliveries generally arrive on Fridays if I remember correctly - but I'm happy with my selection regardless. Some of the produce wasn't looking very good, so pardon me if I seem fussy, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on things that may not last even a day or two, never mind a week.

I have an essay to start this weekend and tea with a friend tomorrow afternoon. And I still need to pick up some cat litter. I'm down to my last box and it doesn't get pretty around here if that runs low...Fat Joey shows his displeasure by doing either a poop or a big wee in the living room. >:(


Jane said...

Not fun having to prove you can do something (math) from years ago! Sheesh! MY cat shows her displeasure by pooping in my shoe!!! So I always have to make sure I leave nothing out of my closet every day before leaving for work!

Sammyleia said...

It's hard keeping up with the challenges, isn't it?! I bombed out last week!Good luck for the final week :)