Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Here we are on the other side. Hope you all had a great new year's eve, doing what you wanted to do.

This is what I did:

It's my vision board. I did one back in June that's far more detailed, but that took me ages to finish. I gave myself half an hour on this one, using images from the ones I started collecting at the beginning of the year. There are similar images on the first one, but I thought this was a good time to do another one. I've just hung it up in my office, as I spend a lot of time in here. A perfect place to see it frequently, which is the idea.

These are fun to do and there's no recipe for them. Pictures, images and/or words from magazines or any other place that "speak" to you, bristelboard or foamboard or even a piece of construction paper, glue, scissors and about an hour of time. The first one I made took me months, literally, as I pondered and thought and finally gave up on it. After my clarifying road trip in May, I finished it quickly and it's hanging over my bed. The intent is to put some daily energy into looking at your vision board and really feeling these things that you want (e.g., money, a fancy car, a holiday, better health, love, etc), so your subconscious takes over and your wants come to be. Basically it's the law of attraction, visually. I ground mine with gratitude - "thank you" is in there somewhere.

Some times of the year are stronger energetically than others - the soltices, for instance. New Year's is a good time, perhaps your birthday or another significant date that means something to you. Give yourself an hour or two, or really challenge yourself with a 10- or even 15-minute run and see what shows up, but don't think too much on the pieces you're putting down. If it doesn't speak to you, put it back and try another one.

Don't think, just do, as the saying goes.

Health, happiness, joy, success and abundance to everyone in 2012!


Canadian Saver said...

Oh I love this... great board! I might not do a whole board but I can see doing something similar in my journal :-)

I can't wait to hear what 2012 has in store for you!

The Asian Pear said...

cool board! I did that once and it really motivated me. Thanks for reminding me. I'll do it again for 2012.

Laura said...

Missed you! And what a year you have had (just read your other post) :)

T'Pol said...

Great to have you back! I almost gave up on you because of the lack of posts. Take care and have a wonderful 2012!

Northern Living Allowance said...

CS - thank you! It was fun. I'm kind of excited about this year, too. I worked really hard last year to move on from 2010 and am hoping there are lots of 'springboard' moments this year (more & better of last year)!

Hi Pear - post yours when you've done it. I'd love to see how it turns out!

Hi Laura - thank you! It's nice to be back. I'm looking forward to doing more posting this year.

T'Pol! Nice to hear from you. Thank you for hanging in there. I promise to do better this year. It was an unintentionally lengthy break (it was only supposed to be about a month or so). Feeling so much more positive and motivated this year, so I will get back to this more regularly. :)