Thursday, 1 April 2010


This is my birthday cake. It's a 9" chocolate coconut, made especially for me from the new cake shop in town (plugplugplugplug). I cannot wait to taste it tomorrow! To tide me over, I got a pineapple coconut - seeing a theme? - cupcake, which was divine and lasted all of 10 seconds. This cake will see me through tomorrow's birthday potluck and also Sunday's birthday potluck (for a friend), plus, I'm sure, leaving me a little (a lot?) to just savour on my own. It's big, but resting beside it in the cooler was a 12", 3-layer raspberry ginger cake...OMG...The owner/baker has said she's going to make chocolate coconut cupcakes now, which is great!

This cost me $50 - she threw in the cupcake for free (!) which was initially going to come from the cheque my mum sent me, but because I bought art with that instead, I rolled some coin and voila! I had $50 exactly! I thought that was pretty cool (I exchanged the coin at the bank for a bill).

I also went to the shelter to fill out a fostering application for a cat called Joey. I sent an email to my landlords yesterday to ask permission for this and I got a very quick, positive response all the way from NZ! I'll be picking him up Monday or Tuesday, as I still have a week off and that will give us all a chance to at least get used to each other for a few days before I go back to work on the 12th. He's a monster! He weighs a whopping 24lbs and just needs somewhere to work it off and have his food intake monitored. I've been told the vet would weigh him weekly or bi-weekly for free so I can keep track of how he's doing. He currently has an appointment sometime in the next week or so to get checked out with respect to his kidneys and his inverted nipples (from the weight). Poor guy. He's a lovely, sweet boy who got overfed and needs some tough food love. You can see him here. He's the 5th one down.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend! :)


Laura said...

Hurray for fat cats! I have a fat cat too...and he is the best :) very talkative and social. He weighs the same as your Joey. Good luck with the weight loss, cats seem to have a mind of their own about diet and exercise (well really they have a mind of their own about everything!)
Also, how did your 40 days go? Happy Easter!

The Asian Pear said...

oooh. Happy Birthday! (and Happy Easter too!)

The cake looks lovely. I love pineapple although I've never tried it with coconut. What an interesting combo idea.

Awwh. You're fostering a cat? You have to take pics to show us! puh-leeeze?

dinah34 said...

happy early birthday! it's a lovely looking cake. :)

T'Pol said...

Happy Birthday!

Canadian Saver said...

That cake looks scrumpcious! I hope you enjoy your gathering with your friends... and Happy Birthday!

Can't wait to hear more about Joey :-)

Northern Living Allowance said...

You'll be happy to know the cake was as delicious as it looked! :)

I will definitely take and post photos of Joey - he's definitely share-worthy!

Enjoy your looong weekend! :)

BnJJ said...

Happy Birthday!

Why did I click that link?? Now I want to take each one of them home. I hope they all get their forever homes soon.