Saturday, 13 March 2010

Belated pay day updates

I got paid on Wednesday and was quite delighted to see that my bonus was over $1600 - not by much, mind you, but nonetheless...I ALSO got an increment in my pay (as of Mar 1, I think), which I'd forgotten about and which works out to about $100 a month. I think I can expect two more of these (annually) and then that's it.

So, the designation of funds went like this:

Total pay: $2190.09

RRSP: $170 (10% of bonus)
EFund: $170 (ditto)
ING: $300 ($50 ea for 6 accounts)
Gifts: $75 (+ $221.91 on hold for my income tax payment because if I don't put it aside, it'll be gone)

VISA: $255.37
LOC: $75
Hydro: $95
M/C: $6 (I cut this up about 2 years ago; not cancelled it because it's my longest held card. As it's a secured card, this is the monthly fee. Not sure cancelling it will affect the credit rating, that's all)
Phone/Internet: $127
Cell: $57

Jars: $300 (2 weeks worth)
Investor's Group RRSP: $50
Car Ins: $40.83
Insurance: $10.95
Bank fees: $9.95

I should have a couple of hundred left over, some of which I'll transfer to the LOC. It's still far too high for my liking, and although that's entirely my own fault, at least I'm aware of it and have adjusted my bi-weekly payments accordingly. I got dinged $20 extra dollars lst month because the minimum payment amount wasn't met, and I don't want that happening again!

It's spring break up here - two weeks! - and it's been pretty busy at work. It's quite a stimulating job anyway, but adding more kids, parents and activity in the library makes it worse. Plus we have several new staff who are still learning. Two are doing very well. The third is a lovely woman but one who needs constant supervision, which is draining just on its own. I found myself getting wound up yesterday and it was a relief to go for a short walk with a friend at lunch. It really helped clear my head.

But I have three weeks of holidays coming up! I plan to do not a lot except visit with a friend who's visiting me for 5 days, LOTS of spring cleaning and purging, walking, photography, reading, DVD watching, maybe some writing...I don't think the hoped for Vancouver trip will happen. I don't have the funds. We can go later in the year, maybe closer to Christmas to shop for presents or something. The airline packages are always on. I'll just take my friend out for a nice meal instead.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)


The Asian Pear said...

I do believe that cancelling (and opening) any new accounts will affect your credit rating. That being said... If you don't use it, why not cancel it? It's $6 a month. That's $72 a year for something you don't use.

Middle Way said...

Bonus and raise? It doesn't get much better. Congratulations!

Laura said...

Thank you so much for sponsoring me! Your name will be written on a spoke bead and added to my spoke so that you will be part of my ride. :)


halfdozendaily said...

Nice bonus & raise!! :) Anything 'extra' is always helpful I think! The $20 fee sucks though.. hate those!

Your upcoming vacation sounds wonderful!! Enjoy it!!

notesfromthefrugaltrenches said...

I love seeing all your numbers so well organized! Congrats on the bonus/raise!!