Saturday, 30 January 2010


  • Biopsy: unpleasant, but quick and I could've been there for much worse
  • Result: Good news is that it's nothing. Bad news is that it's nothing, yet there continues to be an increase in creatinin levels, indicating there IS something going on. All tests, however, came back negative (lupus, TB, etc.). Now? Keep hydrated and continue monitoring.
  • Weird.
  • Vancouver was great: Lynn Canyon, book stores, Thai food, cupcakes, chocolate cake, friends, family, support, being cared for.
  • Spent too much on books, though. :P
  • Ate most of my cupcakes, as they made it back safely (i.e. damage confined to icing which, while squashed, is still icing).
  • Have one left for D for his return.
  • Lazy brunch with friends yesterday (pancakes!), then a lazy stop at Starbuck's to visit another friend. Lovely!
  • Belated Christmas gifts: sketchbook & pencils; photo frame with picture of Elmo and his Intuitive Portrait (go to gallery, bottom left picture, the one with the mouse)
  • D & I in tentative discussions about getting a place together
  • Fresh snow :)
  • December's hydro bill: $166.65!! Double what I normally pay, but I was doing an awful lot of baking & cooking over the holidays, so that makes sense, although I will have to watch that in future
  • D wanting a trip to Vancouver when he gets back next week; his treat, but it seems very extravagent. And I haven't requested the time off (my mind's been on other things), so not certain I can get the time off anyway...
  • Got a call from my FA to touch base and discuss my current investments
  • Tried to make coconut rice last night, but it didn't work out so well. Edible, sure, but nothing like I had at the Thai restaurant last week! I need to figure out how they made that!
  • Another relaxing, long weekend :)


Canadian Saver said...

So much going on! Firstly, I'm glad your biopsy went well, but sorry you aren't further ahead with a diagnosis... must be frustrating!

Sounds exciting about getting a place with D!!

I'm off to check kitty portrait!

Good luck getting the Vancouver trip figured out!

The Asian Pear said...

I'm glad to hear that it all came up negative. What a relief. Try not to focus on that one day it MIGHT become something. And just relax that it isn't now. :)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi CS - thanks! It's a bit frustrating, yes, but at least it can be monitored now - whatever 'it' is! And I hope we get to Vancouver, too...

Hi Pear - thank you! I'm trying not to worry about it. At least it's not serious at this point.