Sunday, 17 January 2010

Grocery shop

It's that time again! Food shopping - my favourite :) I don't know if anyone else enjoys this, but I find it holds me more accountable when I can see it all laid out every couple of weeks.

I didn't do too badly overall, and should have plenty to last until next payday if not beyond. Spent more than I would have liked to, but there you are. It seems food shopping is my Gremlin. I only wish I liked cooking as much as I like shopping!

So, the list is as follows: (items not pictured)

Tea: $3.99 (48 bags)
NN Applesauce: $1.98
NN Crushed pineapple x 2: $3.56

Total: $8.73 (incl. 80 cent Super Bucks!)

Parchment Paper: $5.29
Grated parmesan: $4.99
Bacon: $5.99

Total: $16.53

Items pictured:

Butter, 1lb, unsalted: $4.59
Basil pesto x 2: $11.90
Chicken breast: $7.57
Yeast free bread x 2: $9.98
PC Sausages, mild Italian: $4.48
Steak: $2.49
Steak: $2.80
Strawberries, 1lb: $5.39
Spinach: $3.89
Quick oats, 2.25kg:$7.99
Soya mozarella: $5.29
Evaporated milk x 4: $6.68
Egg whites: $2.59
NN unsweetened coconut: $2.78
Red pepper: $2.64 (.255 kg @ $10.34 kg)
Green pepper: $1.27 (.290 kg @ $4.33 kg)
Broccoli crowns: $2.40 (.420 kg @ $5.71 kg)
Baking potatoes: $4.21 (2.150 kg @ $1.96 kg)
Red onion: $1.46 (.395 kg @ $3.70 kg)
Garlic, 3 pk: $1.29
Cucumber (garden): $1.59
Lemon pie filling x 2: $10.78
Ginger root: $.24 (.080 kg @ $3.06 kg)
Kashi bars x 2: $5.92
PC Turkey burgers: $11.49
Stevia: $5.69
PC 'Thins' (flat burger buns): $3.49

And something I paid $7.29 for. Cannot for the life of me remember what it is, or make out what "PC FC TNA CHK CP" means on the receipt...anyone?? No tuna & no chocolate chip anything, however, and it's a President's Choice item.

Total: $115.07
Total groceries: $164.39

I bought all of this stuff yesterday and spent today baking: I made banana loaf, strawberry scones, pineapple spice cookies, a lemon meringue pie (D's request) and today for dinner I made a recipe from here. It was quite good, but I think it needs a bit less balsamic vinegar. Still, loads left over for lunch tomorrow (hurrah!) and I cleaned out my fridge today, too, so lots of room to store stuff.

I've updated my sidebars to reflect that I paid off my computer with the money in my planned spending and freezer accounts and changed the freezer to Will, because I really need to make one. I've no idea how much this will cost me, so I figure $500 is a safe number to work with.

It's been a great weekend, despite not getting to the hotsprings. Work again tomorrow and then Vancouver on Thursday. It's my biopsy on Friday and I'll be staying with friends of mine while I'm there. My sister and BIL will be coming over, too, which'll be great. Lynn Canyon was mentioned as a destination for a hike on Thursday and I would like to get to Chapters or Indigo, but that's pretty much it as far as shopping goes. I'm taking a small case and books will be it, if I buy anything at all.

I still have to do a review of my new (& paid off!) computer, so I'm going to work on that over the next while and try to get that posted before the end of the month.


Dawn said...

Most probably: President's Choice Finicky Cat Food Tuna and Chicken CP (?)
Found at:

I enjoy your blog! I grew up in Whitehorse, and my sister and her clan still live there.

Have a great week.

Northern Living Allowance said...

Dawn - you're awesome! That's exactly what it is :) Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope I'm bringing back some good memories for you along with everything else.

Anonymous said...

Looks good!

I bought that same bag of spinach last week! It's HUGE! :)

Canadian Saver said...

That's a lot of yummy stuff :-) I bet D enjoyed his pie :-) Yum.

I hope the biopsy goes well... not fun but it seems like there are other things you'll do there that will make it a little more bearable :-)

Middle Way said...

Safe travels and good luck on Friday!