Sunday, 25 October 2009


Yesterday I actually managed to do quite well without spending. Technically I DID spend at the dentist, but I'll be reimbursed for that, so it doesn't really count. Right? I spent $3.84 on two teas for my friend and myself at Tim's (darn you Tim's tea! Why are you so good?), but otherwise it was a pretty good day.

I got my tire repaired at Wally World for FREE! As I bought the tires there originally, they are still under warrenty, so hurrah! It was a rusty rim and a broken bead, so didn't even take that long to fix. I didn't have to part with a penny at my nemesis, but I spent too long wandering the aisles and saw many nice things...DAMN YOU WALLY WORLD AND YOUR RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES!! But I restrained myself and reminded myself that I don't spend $$ at Wally World.

Today, though...Oh My God. Insane! I went out to exchange a video game (turns out I didn't need to, I'm just blind) and ended up at CD Plus downtown. Uh Oh. I parted with $45 for 4 DVDs:

- Castle (a detective show which looks good)
- Arrested Development S3 (best show ever, no longer on TV)
- 2 (for $10) DVDs of "Thunderbirds." Does anyone remember them? (ran through the late 50's, early 60's)

Then when I got home I went to my beloved Amazon and bought:
- The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency S1 (hurrah!!)
- 30 Rock S1


I think I'm feeling a bit "off" because of my news yesterday, so I'm filling in my fear with buying. That's the only rational explanation I can think of.

Anyhow, I'm going to work on my "expression of interest" for the training opportunity over the next few days and that should keep my mind off things until I hear the results of the tests.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Canadian Saver said...

Let us know how you like the no 1 ladies' detective agency!

Hope you have a good weekend :-)

dinah34 said...

what a fantastic opportunity! are you federal or territorial?

i love Tim's tea too and understand the need to buy it. there's something super-duper tasty about it.

Northern Living Allowance said...

@CS - I most definitely will! Amazon had it cheaper than Wally-World, so I was pleased about that. The books are AMAZING, so I'm very excited to see the actual show! Hurrah for HBO! :)

@Dinah: I'm with the Territorial government, and the opportunites...phew! Steeped tea is my one vice that I won't give up (and I really have to work on my other one: DVD Box sets...). It IS good, isn't it?!

The Asian Pear said...

wait. Thunderbirds? As in the puppets?

Northern Living Allowance said...

@Pear - Yep! The puppets. "Thunderbirds: in Supermarionation!" Ha ha ha! I love them.

Jerry said...

How does your dental insurance work, is it covered through the government in Canada as well? Dental care is so expensive in the US that people neglect it, and the private insurance doesn't lead to much savings at all, usually...

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jerry - if you're lucky enough to have a job that comes with benefits, dental is one of the benefits covered. It varies, however, percentage-wise, as to how much you pay & receive back. My job covers 100%, but I pay up front.

Some jobs will cover 80%, some 70% etc. It also depends on the work being done, as that can vary in coverage as well.

Generally, though, if you work p/t anywhere, it's all up to you. Some small businesses can't afford to offer employees benefits, so it really does depend entirely on your job. It can get ridiculously expensive.

I know I am very fortunate to have an excellent benefits package, even though I work only p/t (60 hrs bi-weekly). We have a very strong union behind us. Some people aren't so lucky. I believe, though, that anyone on social assistance is covered by the government for dental work, but I'm honestly not sure.

Medical coverage is guaranteed, regardless, though.

Live Simply- Live Well said...

i think that arrested dev. is one of the funniest shows of all time!!! so funny, awkard, and sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. ahhh, so fun!