Saturday, 4 July 2009

First of six paydays!

I had a week off in June and had plans to do all kinds of things, most of which didn't actually get done. But I was relaxed, rested and happy during the time off because I didn't have to go to work. It's SO nice to have paid holidays: I visited our local Wildlife Preserve, went riding & canoeing, did some much needed housework, saw about 3 movies, slept in...spent more money than I intended, but I was on holiday and that, unfortunately, tends to happen when you're on holiday...ahem....

My first payday this month was July 1st. My pay was $1083.38 and I distributed it as follows:

Internet/Phone: $96.41
MasterCard: $13.89
Visa: $85.00
Hydro: $44.03 (1/2 of what I was expecting!)
Cell Phone: $54.63
LOC: $115
Rev Can: $100
ING: $75 ($12.50 each to 6 accounts)
TFSA: $30
RRSP: $100
Spending: $40
Gift Fund: $10
Jars: $260

Other spends on that day:
Tea @ Tim's: $1.92
Hot dogs @ Bingo: $6.00 (hadn't eaten since the a.m.! One for me & one for my friend)
CFL Pool: $20

Total Pay: $1083.38
Total Spent: $951.88
Left: $131.50

My second paycheque was only partially allocated:
Gift Fund: $10
LOC: $29.98
Visa: $52.63

Total Pay: $269.85
Total Spent: $92.61
Left: $177.24 + $131.50= $308.74

Not bad! Except, of course, what's a day if you don't spend, too? I bought tickets for the (horse)world-famous Lippizzaner Stallions, who are coming for two shows on July 22! I saw them once before in Victoria - I've wanted to see them since I was a child of about 10 - and loved them, so when I heard they were coming here, of course I had to take the opportunity. Very rarely do shows like this and of this calibre come up here, so it's well worth it to see. The tickets are very reasonably priced at $27.50 each and I bought 5 for me and 4 friends. I'm very excited to see these gorgeous horses again!

D & I are also planning a two-week road trip at the beginning of September. It's a bit last minute-ish, but we're going to Vancouver Island and coming back through Alberta. I'm uncertain at this point what vehicle we'll be taking: if my sister still has some furniture for me then it would be better to take my truck, and if not, then we'll take D's car, which should be road ready by then. This will be paid for, of course, with my travel fund, which I'm aiming to plump up to about $1500 by the time we leave if I can. D is going to give me $250 from each of his paycheques to hold onto so he doesn't spend it beforehand. I was actually going to suggest this to him, so was surprised when he called to tell me. Hurrah! Not that I'm fantastic with money, but I'm better than he is, so this is a good thing. I'm going to deposit it into my bank (interest bearing account not necessary at this point) and that way it's accessible at any time.

Part of the trip is going to be through Alberta (the return portion) and we want to go to the West Edmonton Mall (I know, why?). The themed rooms at the hotel are sufficiently tacky that we want to spend a night having some fun, although they are a bit pricey. Still, it's a long drive home, so why not? :P

I also bought my brother a birthday present. For a very long time I've not been able to afford to send him anything (he currently lives in London with his very awesome girlfriend), so tend to go a little overboard these days now that I'm a little more 'flush.' I know they have a small garden at their home, so I ordered a hammock & stand online for him through a UK company. The conversion came to about $240, which I figure would have been cost + postage from here, so I'm fine with that. After a mixup with the address, he should be getting it very, very soon!

Today's spends are:
Dry Cat Food (Eagle Pack Brand) 16kg: $50.14 (will last about 8-10 weeks)
Drugstore: $17.39 (goat's milk soap, shampoo & conditioner)

Sourdough Bread $2.39
(Family Pack) Chicken Breast $21.11
Microfibre cloths x 2 $5.98
Beef Stroganoff Sauce $2.69
Cinnamon Brown Rice chips $3.19 (definitely a want, but YUM!!! FD, if you're looking for treats, this company has a selection of brown rice chips that are DELICIOUS & wheat/gluten free)
Kitchen garbage bags $1.48
Bananas $1.66 ($1.94/kg)
Cucumber $1.79
Tinned cat food x 3 $1.77 (.59 ea)
Coke $1.59
Turkey breast slices $11.69 (ouch!!!!)
Potatoes $5.39 (5 lg; $3.95/kg)
Pears $5.22 (receipt says Packham; sign said Bartlett...? $4.39/kg)
Cat litter 16kg $10.48 (could have sworn this was $5.98, but maybe I misread)
Gala apples $4.16 ($3.26/kg)
Green grapes $4.22 ($7.47/kg)
Kiwis 4/$2.60
Red onion $1.02 ($3.70/kg)
Spinach $4.49 (lg container)

Total: $94.14

This is the first time I've been able to stay within my budget! Granted, it was only $5, but still I was very pleased. The prices really are pretty ridiculous, but you've got to eat, so what can you do? I could go to SuperStore, but the crowds turn me off, and the prices aren't THAT much better these days anyway. But I've been looking for basil pesto and two places I've tried are totally sold out or didn't get any in. Weird as it doesn't strike me as one of those items that everyone in Whitehorse would need all of a sudden, unless I missed something on TV...?

I picked up an extra day - and stat pay to boot! - at the hotel, so I will make an extra couple of hundred dollars this month, which is a bit of a bonus.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for those rice chips! Thank you! :) Lately I have been LOVING the yogurt & green onion Kettle chips! Those too are not only gluten-free, but oh so good! ;)

That road trip sound fun! We went to West Ed last summer, it was a great time!

Enjoy your weekend!

Christine said...

Yeah for staying in your budget! Your groceries look like they are going to be some yummy meals to eat. Have a wonderful time on your road trip and the Lippizzaner Stallion Show. That should be really cool!

Keep up the great work!

Jerry said...

Congrats on staying within budget! That first step is a toughie, but it leads to easier things later. Learning how to do it is the hard part, but with a little discipline you will have some insurance that you can affect changes over the long term. Way to go! I was always obsessed with those Lippizzaner horses as a kid... what a cool show. Enjoy!

Gill - That British Woman said...

first time visiting your blog, great content..

Gill in Southern Ontario