Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Update and new shoes

My half-price Naot sandals.

My cute green ones...

And my new hiking shoes.

Total for new shoes: $375.49.

I've done it again. Stepped away from the blog for a "couple of days" and a month later, I'm back. I've been fairly busy, so will use the "point form" update method!
  • I ended up buying new battery charger for my camera off EBay. It was $67 including exchange (US$), shipping and purchase, which is $20 - $60 cheaper than I could find it anywhere else!
  • My student loan sits at $2520, my LOC at $2960 and my RevCan at $1971. Definitely feeling more motivated to get those debts gone ASAP and start rolling more money into my savings.
  • I set up a new savings account at my bank and started transferring 18% of my pay into my RSP/Mutual Funds. I have a lot of room to play catch up with that this year, so I might as well take advantage of it.
  • One of my cats visited the vet; fortunately, he's fine, but the bill was $264! My vet account took a hit, but as I always say, at least I have it available to me!
  • Ditto my truck. The battery simply died one day and it cost me $284 to have it fixed. Again, it's why I have my car fund! And it's particularly worth it because my truck is so old it's a constant battle to keep things running as they should.
  • I had a final essay to write for class. This one really threw me! It was on "Saturday," the novel by Ian McEwan. I don't normally read literature, so found it quite a struggle. After changing my mind on the topic a couple of times, I FINALLY got it done and handed in on time. I'm not overly pleased with it, but it's over!
  • My cold is gone, for the most part at least. It's still hanging around in my head a little bit, but I am very happy to have it gone! I could have had it a lot worse, I know, so I'm glad that when I get sick, it never seems to keep me in bed for days. Two days on the sofa feeling miserable was enough for me!
  • D and I went to Skagway, AK, for a day trip. He had never been before, although has snowmobiled at the summit plenty of times! Skagway has a permanent population of approx. 842 and essentially shuts for the winter. It's a port town, and the cruise ships jam in during the summer. I've been when there are two ships in, but I dread the thought of more than that. The streets are tiny and unpaved, the shops are mostly geared to tourism (even Starbucks was closed!) and although we had a fabulous lunch, that was about it. We drove around a little bit, but then headed home. Fortunately, it's only a couple of hours and the day was GORGEOUS. We're planning a return trip for next month, after it officially opens, but before June 1, because neither of us has a passport!
  • I received a piece of my furniture from Victoria. A bedside table that I've had for a few years. I think the next piece shipping is a shelf.
  • I won the job I wanted at the library!! I'm really pleased. The pace is slower at the front desk (it feels that way right now, at least!), and I'm learning how to fill my time. I don't have any specific tasks to do yet, or a regular schedule, but I'm not in a hurry. Everything's being worked out and I'll have a routine in no time. This new job cuts my hours by 7.5 per week and my wage by $150 a paycheque. While that does add up, I'm not worried as it still gives me plenty to pay the necessities as well as continuing to save regularly. I'll have to adjust my savings amounts once I've recieved my first "real" paycheque and know how much I'm making. I'm far happier with the fact that I now have a three-day weekend EVERY weekend! :)
  • Our final exam is on Thursday night! Already! I have some study time planned with a classmate for tomorrow evening. Just an overview and quick review. The readings and memorizations I'll have to do on my own. Wish me luck!!

And that's pretty much it in a nutshell. Apart from winning the job, which is the biggest news, I have to make a decision about taking a course from Athabasca, too. I'm considering German, as I have lots of people to practice with (there are a lot of Germans in the Yukon and I know 4 or 5 of them), and I want to take a language other than French. But the courses are very expensive, so I'm still trying to decide.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Enjoy the last of it! :)


dinah34 said...

congrats on the job! i hope it all goes well for you.

i like the second pair of shoes. they look nifty.

Money Minder said...

I love the cute green shoes. They are my favourite of the three photos.

Christine the Strawberry Girl said...

sprechen zie deutsch, ya? cool! I would love to take a bunch more German (to remind me of all I forgot), but I have no one to practice with. Or any language for that matter. Well, except Spanish and its not really what i want to take. Hmph.

Congrats on the job! And the shoes! The green ones are real cute and the sandles look real comfy (and cute)!. Glad to hear it is all good. And good for you on putting 18% away, too.

Sounds like your livin' well. And share some pics of Alaska. I've always wanted to go so there is a bit of envy I have towards you. :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-many congrats on the job my dear and pleased you're feeling better too, take care and well done on the financial front too!

The Asian Pear said...

cute green shoes!!

congrats on the job. :)

Saver Queen said...

Congratulations on the job! So happy to hear that you got it.

Canadian Saver said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!

And I love the green shoes too... I'd love some too :-)

Sorry about the extra expenses, at least you were prepared for them, even if savings took a hit :-(

Northern Living Allowance said...

@Dinah - Thanks! And the new shoes are tres comfy! :)

@MM - mine too :)

@Christine - Spanish doesn't really appeal to me either. I will try to get you some photos of Alaska - I want to get to Haines this year (supposed to be wonderful) and Skagway is, well, let's be honest - ugly! - this time of year. I'll post some "to Alaska" pics, though. How's that? ;)

@SharonRose - HI!! :) Thank you!

@AsianPear - thanks, I'm really pleased, although it's a bigger adjustment than I anticipated. I'll have a routine in no time I'm sure!

@SQ - Thank you! :) I now have 4 days off a week...aaaah!

@CS - Thanks! Yes, the spends are a bit rough, but there you go. Like you say, at least I had the funds, and that's why I do it. Cars and pets are consistent costs it seems...