Wednesday, 4 February 2009


What a crazy week! I know I, for one, am glad January is over and I can be a bit more focused and relaxed about things. I need to spend time and organize my finances much better, putter about the new apartment and re-arrange and clear a few things out, and re-organize my life in general.

I was still sick on Tuesday but went to work for a half a day and despite thatI managed to get everything moved into my new place by Friday afternoon and was unpacked and had it all in place (apart from two boxes) by later that night! I sure surprised myself, but that left me ALL weekend to do not a lot, which was a real treat. My Internet didn’t get hooked up, so I played a game, watched some DVDs, did a little reading, a laundry and a GIGANTIC grocery shop.

I put my name down for GMBMFB’s February grocery challenge, but totally blew it (before the month even started!). I spent almost twice what I wanted to spend! I mentioned that one of our grocery stores is going out of business, so I decided to swing by on Friday afternoon and I went totally nuts because everything was 15% off.

Canned goods

Mandarins x 6 $1.47 ea
Baked beans x 4 1.67 ea
Pineapple, tidbits x 6 $1.67 ea
Chick peas x 6 $1.53 ea
Lentils x 4 $1.53 ea
Pear halves x 2 $3.03 ea
Tuna, 2 x 6pack $11.47 ea
Kidney beans x 4 $2.27 ea (organic)
Black beans x 2 41.53 ea
Tomato paste x 4 $.71 ea


Chicken breast $5.94
Chicken breast $7.02
Chicken breast $3.96
Chicken breast $5.70
Eye of round $4.98
Eye of round $4.60

Dry Goods

Graham wafers x 2 $2.97 ea
Penne x 2 $2.97 ea
Farfalle x 2 $2.99 ea
Baby shells x 2 $2.19 ea
Rice x 3 $2.99 ea
Muffin mix x 2 $4.67 ea
Muffin mix $3.19
Tea (white raspberry) $3.77
(organic) Red Mill Apple Cinnamon granola $6.17
Red Mill Apple Strawberry granola $6.17
Red Mill Gluten free brownies $9.17
Red Mill Gluten free chocolate cake $4.17
Red Mill Organic flax meal $11.37
Red Mill Apple Cinnamon Hot Cereal $5.47
Quaker Quick Oats $5.93
Ovaltine $5.97
Macaroni & cheese x 4 $.97 ea
Tacos $5.57
Steak seasoning $6.37
Taco seasoning x 2 $1.01ea
Curry mix x 2 $2.77 ea
Thai red curry mix x 2 $2.77 ea
Shreddies (mega box) $12.53
Honeycomb (mega box) $10.11


Peanut butter $4.67
Strawberry blend juice $3.77
Blueberry blend juice $3.77
Honey (solid) $4.77
Eggs (brown, free run) $7.37
Chocolate puddings x 5 $1.97 ea
Olive oil $10.87
Raspberry jam $4.67
Pasta sauce x 4 $3.93 ea
HP sauce x 2 $4.47 ea
Pesto sauce x 2 $4.57 ea
Ice cream $4.67
Yves soy burgers $3.99
Yves soy wieners $3.99
Organic apple sauce x 2 $3.41 ea
Sharwood’s Korma sauce x 2 $5.07 ea
Sharwoods’ Tikka Masala sauce x2 $5.07 ea
Kraft Cheddar (dried, for pasta) $5.67
Yves Ground round (2 “chicken”, 2 “beef”) $3.69 ea


Garlic, 3 pk $1.19
Lemons x 4 $.79 ea


Tin foil $4.67
Baby powder $3.69

Grand total: $359.27
Savings @ 15%: $63.34

I also bought a giant box of Arrowroot cookies (approx. $8) which aren’t showing up on the receipt…hmm…And before anyone asks, no, I did not go with a list (probably quite obvious), but my pantry is stuffed to its limit with all these things. I reckon I have 3 – 6 months worth of stuff here if I use it appropriately. Produce will be bought and used as necessary.

You have no idea how I envy all of you who have so many options for cheap grocery shopping, Grocery Liquidators or whatever. The prices up here KILL me. SuperStore is probably the cheapest option and even that can be depressingly pricey at times. Despite that, I can do much better, I know it.

The money from my down payment fund has been applied to my LOC and I’ve paid off my VISA – again – as I used it last week when I was paying for Elmo’s vet charges and euthanizing. Grief doesn’t necessarily allow for the best decisions sometimes…I’ve updated my side bars to reflect the changes, but despite this, I’m still ahead in my net worth (a very little bit, but a little bit is better than nothing!) for the month. My debt now stands at $6,465.00 which is reasonable but still needs focus to get rid of. It’s time to focus on “The Jars” again and get myself out of debt asap.

I spoke with the Internet service provider again last night because my Internet still isn’t hooked up at home. I also requested that it be pro-rated for the time it’s not been active because I’m paying for the service and someone on their end has dropped the ball (since last Friday actually). Ah, that there was a competitor to switch to, but there isn’t. We now have ONE company that offers two sorts of Internet service (cable and DSL) but for the same price, so switching would be pointless. It’s a little frustrating to say the least!

I just found out that I didn’t get the job I applied for. I had the interview last Wednesday morning and am going to see the HR advisor about it Friday morning. I came in second and she assured me that I did really well, but that someone who has worked in the position before got it. I am going for a post-interview to find out where I went wrong, but she wasn’t sure how much information she could give me to improve (I did that well, which is very encouraging!). I’m okay with how this turned out, actually, because I still don’t know what I would have said if I had got it!


Saver Queen said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't get the job although it sounds like things will work out for the best. It's definitely great to hear that you did so well in the interview!

By the way, are you on twitter?

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-sorry you were pipped at the post to the job, but you seem to be alright about it? It was more about the other person actually having done the job before, so, your credentials are right up there! Well done on the move and hope the internet gets up and running soon!

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi SQ - Thanks! Yes, sometimes it's the interviews that are better experience. Gov't ones are always a bit nerve-wracking; there's always more than one or two people sitting in front of you! And I did sign up for Twitter, but I'm not sure it's set up properly...I'll have to double check!

Hi SharonRose - thanks! Yes, I am all right with not getting the job. I'm STILL not sure what I'd say! :P But you're right, it shows that I just need to toot my own horn a little more often (women are not so good at that)! :)

Jerry said...

That's tough about not getting offered the position, even after you interviewed well and all that, but the experience will lead to other things, I'm sure. There's never any insurance that you will get hired with any interview, so the best you can hope for is to represent yourself well and let the chips fall as they may. You did that! Great job.

Canadian Saver said...

You got a huge amount of food!!

It must be so hard to eat well with the prices so high... that's what everyone who goes up North says when they come back. My neighbor and her DH went a few years ago and her mom would ship non-perishables to them, shipping cost less than buying them in the store!

Sorry about the job, but I love your attitude! Something better will come along if you want it to :-)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Hi Jerry - thanks for the support and for stopping by my site! :) You're right about representing yourself as best you can; it's all you can do!

Hi CS - That's why I made the decision to stock up. 15% isn't a huge number, but it does add up! My mum has offered to ship crates of oranges or grapefruit to me, but I'm not sure perishables would be worthwhile...although they would probably look better than the ones we end up with sometimes! :P Thanks, too, for the support about the job. I just think it wasn't meant to be...but as you say, something better will come along!

Fabulously Broke said...

Thanks! I will have a fab time with my sister of course :)

And the cost of food is really ridiculous, looking at your groceries, it's the same as being here in Montreal. We only have the option of Provigo (like a Superstore) or IGA (like a Sobeys).. so :(

Then again, we do tend to buy better quality meat, so maybe we're asking for it :P

anji said...

that's the problem with teaching in a remote location... i'm going through the same thing.. while you get northern allowance (I don't, though i'm remote) you pay through the roof for regular foods... it's insane :S

BTW, use your emergency fund to pay down your taxes... you'll save on the interest!