Saturday, 24 January 2009


I've spent the past days getting caught up things and thinking about the always excellent and thought provoking advice and ideas re: paying down my debt.

I've decided - after reading all your advice several times - that I will take my house down payment amount and put it on my debt. My financial advisor said the same thing, and paradigmshifted made a good point in that once the debt is gone, savings build up incredibly fast. I'm going to save it until early Feb, after my interest and auto deposit go in, then transfer it and put it on my LOC.

I moved some more things over to my new place today with the help of a friend and we went for a coffee afterwards. I bought D a Quizno's sub for lunch and dropped it off for him at work. His truck broke down in the road this morning, so I had to drive him. His brakes had locked on him, so he had it in the shop by the time we got there and was working on it. It was a slow day for them, so fortunately he has the know how and the tools at the shop to be able to fix this sort of stuff.

It's been a pretty spendy week, and I've just finished the $200 I took out at the beginning of the month. Not bad - it lasted me about three weeks! However, because I'm in a bit of a state of flux with the move, my routine is a way off as far as making food goes and this, I hope, explains why it didn't last the whole month. I've kept only the bare essentials here and that has meant I've bought breakfast every day, although I have made lunch: a pb & jelly sandwich almost every day for two weeks, but I'm okay with that. Once I'm moved in, I can pick up my routine - or perhaps a better one! - and start making sure I've got plans and food for EVERY meal...and not just pb & jelly which let's face it, while tasty, is not exactly the best sort of meal I could be giving myself! :P

One of our grocery stores is shutting down (after 37 yrs in business!) because, ironically, it can't compete up here. We only have 5! But SuperStore is the biggest competition and it's simply not viable anymore. It's a shame as they have great produce, but admittedly I haven't shopped there as frequently as I could have. Starting on Feb 1, they will be discounting their prices, so I'm going to go and stock up on tins, bread, cat food/litter, that sort of thing. Along with many other people, I'm sure...I do feel somewhat guilty about taking advantage of another's misfortune, but why not get a deal where you can, right?

I have an interview on Wednesday morning for a new job, and there is a competition on the go at the library that I'll be applying for, too. In the meantime, my current position will most likely be extended to the end of February at this point. I'm actually ready for it to be over, to be honest, but I'm not going to turn down a few more weeks of full-time work, either. It's a little frustrating to be in a position that, on paper, looks great, but that can actually be quite exhausting. The interview on Wed is another supervisory position in a different department. I'm trying not to think too far ahead (i.e. what if I get it?) and look at the interview in and of itself as experience.

But I have an essay to start. My instructor told me not to panic about this first essay and to see how I do when I get it back, but there's a little part of me that is grateful he's given me this chance to "step up" and that I have to prove something to him. I think I need to just keep the gratitude and put the need to prove aside as it's getting in my way. The fact that I'm feeling motivated and enjoying the class should be what fuels my drive; plus a little of that "need to prove" which I need to internalize and use it to prove to myself that I can do this. Because ultimately, I'm the only one who'll be let down if I don't.


dinah34 said...

Good luck with the interview. I hope it's a rocking good job!

Money Funk said...

Got a lot on your plate???? New job, new (english) class, new abode, new interview/potential job... have you ever taken one of those stress test to see where you rank??? LOL!

Well, make sure to eat those healthy pb&js, get lots of sleep and take a short R and R as soon as things begin to settle down. You don't want to compromise yourself to much! ;)

BTW, that is misfortunate for the town's grocer to be leaving, but I would take advantage and stock up. Great idea.

And good luck on the interview!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-best of luck with the interview and the essay my dear!! Way to go on the debt payment too-once a decision is made, it really makes the path clearer.

paradigmshifted said...

wow, you do have a lot on your plate! good luck with it all - it sounds like you have a good perspective on it all.

Money Minder said...

Wow. You're busy. Good luck with your interview and your essay.

Frugal Dreamer said...

Good luck on your interview!!!

Saver Queen said...

I think you're making the right decision about putting the savings towards the debt. I also agree that it's a smart move to stock up at the grocery store when prices are down. It is sad, though. Lots of stores going out of business and it is upsetting to see.

Best of luck with the interviews! You have our full support!