Friday, 26 December 2008

Recap at Christmas

I need something to do here at the hotel (already!), so I thought I'd update. It's going to be quiet tonight - at least I hope so! Only a few calls so far, about of them half asking if off-sales were open (no).

I've come prepared with books, notebooks (to work on my 101 Things, my 50x50 and possibly my 2009 Plans lists), and I should get a meal at some point, too. There's currently a full dinner going on until 8pm, so I may not get it until later, but I'm assuming I'll get something. We're also done with our catering part of Christmas. Every year the hotel caters full Christmas turkey dinners (either a 16lb or a 28lb bird) with all the trimmings. The hotel kitchen staff cooks it, you just pick it up! :)

I spoke with my sister briefly yesterday evening and she strongly encouraged me to take the apartment I saw on Monday night. She couldn't understand why I was hesitating at all if the place was so perfect. Regardless of it's perfection, it's still a move and moves are stressful and time-consuming, even if it's to the home of your dreams. There's planning and packing and prepping and cleaning and shifting and unpacking and adjusting involved, so even if you really like the place, it doesn't hurt to be cautious. So I called L and left a message saying that I would like it, invited them to come and meet my cats and then waited.

L called today and sounded very happy that I made the decision to move in. I believe it's going to work out well, but she going to check with the other tenant and make sure he's not allergic to cats before the final decision. Once I hear back from her, I'll put in my notice, as I don't want to have to retract that if, for some reason, the cats are a problem. I didn't mention that I have a washing machine (no dryer) in-suite, have access to the garden and a shed (where my bike can be safely locked up) and a raised garden bed so I can grow my own veggies next summer!! There is also a little electric fireplace in the living room, which might actually be nice in the bedroom...hmm...

My three shifts at the liquor store wore me out! I'm really sore from all that lifting, stocking, collecting carts from the parking lot and tidying. The staff is great, and they seem to have a lot of fun with each other. It was fun to listen to people meeting up in the aisles and chatting. Still, all that hard work will pay off with 12 hours of work at time and a half, and 9 hours at double time - approx $600 after taxes. This will make a nice dent somwhere in my debt!

The past few days' spending looks like this:

$50 gift certificate (friend's son)
$9.19 lunch
$106.73 gift basket for my friend (she was making Christmas dinner, so...)
$6.01 Tim Horton's

$8.91 Subway

$16.83 items for potluck at liquor store
$22.05 bottle of rye (CC)

Today, obviously, is a no spend day. There's nothing open - not even a Tim Horton's! Ha ha. My Christmas meal with my friend and her family never materialized yesterday as she ended up taking her daughter to Emergency! I don't mind missing a meal - I was really tired and not really wanting to go out again after working all day at the liquor store anyway, but once I heard where they were, I was just concerned for her daughter. I couldn't get through to either my friend or her daughter, so I just hunkered down to wait. I've just spoken with my friend and her daughter's going to need surgery (it's bladder related), but she's doing "okay" for the time being. Poor kid.

Tomorrow will most likely be a no-spend day as well, but I am hoping to catch some boxing week sales on Saturday to buy some x-country skis and maybe a DVD player if I can get a good deal and I feel motivated enough. Otherwise, I'm going to start making a list of what I need to do for my move and start collecting some boxes, so I can pack up "stuff" like books, DVDs, summer clothing and move in bits and pieces. The new apartment is currently empty, so I can start moving stuff in before Feb 1, which is fantastic, but I have to get myself motivated, organized and buy a good tape gun!

Merry Christmas all!


dinah34 said...

merry christmas! it sounds like, although you are working, you are having a nice relaxing christmas.

Christine said...

Merry Christmas to you! And the apartment sounds great! Glad you are going to make the move (if the cat issue gets the final okay)! :)

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-Enjoy the holidays, and hope the move is a successful one, it does seem the right decision for you!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you!! :)

I hope everything with the new place works out for you, it sounds great!! :)

Can't wait to see those 2009 plans!