Saturday, 6 December 2008

Long time gone...and lots of spending to boot!

I opted not to update over the past couple of weeks because I was busy with the Pet Photos and I was trying to review for my test today. The photos went well. They were really fun, and I had a great time, but it was really tiring. We raised $1100, plus there were some donations on top of that for a grand total of $1364. Not too shabby, I'd say!

It'll be two weeks until I hear anything about my test, but I know I didn't do as much review as I needed to. My final essay was a bit wordy, but it's done. I finished an hour ahead of schedule, so that either bodes very well or very badly!

I spent the rest of my day doing some shopping - it's starting to get a little busy out there! - doing a laundry, doing the dishes and vacuuming the apartment. I have an early start in the morning at the hotel, so I'm hoping to get to bed early again tonight.

But I thought I'd better update before I hit the sack.

Goals completed first:

1) Poke through my closets again and donate more stuff to charity now that I have so much NEW stuff - NOT DONE
2) Take the old pots & pans to charity; I bought a new set on sale - NOT DONE (I'm still using the old ones, too)
3) 10 No Spend days -2/10 - better than nothing!
4) Send overseas Christmas cards - COMPLETED (have one last minute one to do tomorrow)
5) No more credit card spending - NO, BUT PAID OFF AND CUT UP MASTERCARD!! Can I have a WOO HOO?
6) Start Christmas shopping - ALMOST COMPLETE DEC 6
7) Look into satellite vs. cable costs - COMPLETED (decided to cancel cable all together)
8) Pay the car insurance in full $496.12 is what remains after the Oct payment - COMPLETED
9) Create a 6-mth & a 5-yr plan - NOT DONE
10) Finish my 101 Things & 50x50 list...ongoing (it's hard) - STILL NOT DONE!

BONUS: I read 10 (!) books this month!
"The Writing Class"
"Letter to a Christian Nation"
"Shattered Dreams"
"Blood From a Stone"
"Zookeeper's Wife"
"Capitol Offence"
"Debunked - Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, and Evil Plots of the 21st Century"
"Tell Me Where It Hurts"
"Pawprints of Katrina"
"My Father's Keeper"

That 101 Things list is going to be the end of me! To be honest, I haven't even looked at it for the past while. Maybe I'll do it for the New Year instead. But otherwise I completed more than I thought I would!

So, my spending over the past couple of weeks has been a bit all over the place. I've got a bit of an addiction to Starbuck's steamed eggnog right now (thank goodness it's only once a year!) and have indulged in about 5 of them in the past two weeks. I don't want to think about what's in them - I just like them!

I won't list all my spending from the previous week, but will catch up on this week's because having it written down really does help to take stock.

Tea $1.92
Breakfast $7.56
Dinner $30.96

DVD Box Set (Corner Gas S2) $31.49
Passport Photos $21.00 (sooooooo not happy with them, but needed one for the college exam today)
Lunch $8.91
Starbuck's $7.56 (eggnogs & croissant)

Lunch $13.02 (incl. 2L milk)

Pet Photos $32.24
iPod $198.45 (Christmas present - I'm being exceptionally generous here...)

PS3 video game $62.89 (Christmas present)
Starbuck's $5.78 (eggnogs)
Cat food $46.99
Expense repayment +$75.00 (for pet photos & USB stick)

2 photo reprints $2.08
Book $14.15
Donation $125 (Christmas present)
Book $30 (Christmas present)
Digital photo frames (2) $132.96 (Christmas presents - these are going to my sister and my brother with photos of their trip to Whitehorse in the summer)
Tim Horton's $103.90

I know how that last one looks. What can you buy at Tim Horton's that costs THAT much? I bought a gift card for myself. My mum put $1K into my account for Christmas (thanks, mum!!) and I took a few days to think about what exactly I should do with it. I had a few ideas - and got some good advice, too! - so I decided that I would get a few things I "wanted", instead of things I needed. Which was also some advice I got - ha ha!

I decided to spend some on "fun stuff" and the rest will go into my savings accounts. So I got myself a $100 Tim's card and a $250 SuperStore gift card. I don't plan to use the SuperStore card right away; I want to keep it for those times I might be running a bit short. The Tim's card is going to be my treat card. Next up: some books. I'm trying to limit myself to $100, but it's hard! I think it's worthwhile to wait for Boxing Week, however, to buy something(s) instead of paying full price pre-Christmas.

I'm also considering some x-country skis and accoutrements...a camera bag...a polarizing filter...a printer...oh my!

I did do some spending today after my exam and picked up presents for my mum. She had asked for slippers, so I stopped at Reitman's and picked up a pair I think she'll like. I also got her a Coles gift card for some books and a box of those new Ferrero Rocher chocolate - the "Collection" edition. Once I get it packed up tomorrow, I can send it off and it will be there in plenty of time for Christmas.

Mailing box $3.98
Gift Certificate $50.00
Slippers $12.00
Chocolate/wrapping paper $11.00

I have spent a lot on Christmas - more than I intended actually - but I'm really pleased with what I got for everyone.

I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing holiday!


Anonymous said...

I did my 101 Things to do list last year and I was half finished and then my computer crashed and I lost my list.

I don't think I could do another one or remember half of what was left on the first one.

Canadian Saver said...

Wow you sure got a lot done in the time you weren't here!

I'm so glad the pet photo sessions turned out so well... that's great money, congratulations!!

And way to go on the Christmas shopping! I wish I had even 10% of mine done!

dinah34 said...

10 books! that's impressive.

the tim hortons gift card sounds dreamy!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought the same thing as dinah, 10 books!!! And that Timmys card was a great idea :) I think you spent that 1k wisely! Good for you!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-A big WOO-HOO for the credit card, very well done my dear!! Also a big well done for keeping track of your spending, you can tell at a glance where every penny goes this way!! You've also made a very good choice regarding your mums xmas present.